Wormwood is an ancient folk remedy.Grass contains tannins and resinous substances, protein, succinic and malic organic acids, glycosides and - anabsintin and absintin.The plant is quite poisonous, it is avoided to use animals and other flora that grow nearby, wither.The healing properties of sage used for compresses and lotions with bruises, to eliminate swelling and ulcer formations on the skin, as well as to rinse sore throat.


  • 1 Indications wormwood
    • 1.1 dosage forms wormwood
    • 1.2 Recuperate
    • 1.3 Treatment cystitis
    • 1.4 Removing sweating
    • 1.5 Treatmentangina
    • 1.6 Stomach problems
    • 1.7 withdrawal headache
    • 1.8 Treatment inflamed periosteum
    • 1.9 esophageal cancer
  • 2 Aromatherapy and cosmetology
  • 3 Contraindications

Indications wormwood

  • stomach cramps;
  • gastritis;
  • low acidity of gastric fluid and poor appetite;
  • diseases of the gallbladder and liver;
  • presence of intestinal parasites;
  • occurrence of seizures;
  • malaria;
  • insomnia;
  • various inflammatory processes.

Preparations wormwood used to normalize digestion and improve appetite.They have a tonic, blood-forming, soothing, wound healing, choleretic, mild laxative and anthelmintic activity.With sage successfully treat insomnia, exhaustion, malaria, colds, various neuroses, epilepsy and influenza.A decoction of this herb helps to normalize the menstrual cycle, amenorrhea cure some diseases and gynecological hypomenstrual syndrome.

dosage forms wormwood

medicinal raw material harvested from the leaves of wormwood and its flowering tops.This preform is carried out twice: before flowering spend collecting leaves only, and during flowering - healing long tops.Failure to comply with these terms of preparation much reduces medicinal value of the plant.The collected grass must be dried in special dryers or in the shade to prevent browning materials.Can store such workpiece for two years without loss of medicinal properties.


Wormwood is an excellent tool for quick healing of wounds.You must soften dry or mash with fresh sage leaves, and then attach them to the affected area.Thanks to this procedure, small wounds quickly tightened, and pus should be washed more concentrated extract, which you can prepare yourself: Mix two tablespoons of wormwood with the same number of swine visceral fat, steamed in a water bath for five minutes and strain.After cooling, this ointment is recommended to lubricate the affected area.

Treatment cystitis

In acute cystitis wormwood quickly brings relief, while chronic cystitis requires a long-term treatment, which can last for about six months.A handful of sage should be placed in a bowl, two cups of steamed milk, cover and let stand.After the infusion has cooled a little, you need to pour it into a plastic bucket to sit on top of him and bundle up with warm blanket or duvet with a handkerchief.The cooled composition can be used repeatedly by heating it prior to use.If there is no milk can replace water, but then the effect will be weaker.

Removing sweating

When excessive sweating of the body or its individual sections will be indispensable medicinal properties of wormwood.To prepare the broth should be used twigs of this plant and oak bark.Mix a glass of wormwood and a half cup of oak bark, boil it all liter of boiling water, boil for 30 minutes on low heat, strain and add to bath with warm water.This procedure helps to quickly get rid of sweating and gives the body a pleasant fragrance.

treatment of angina

case of breathing difficulties and angina are caused by a stressful situation, excessive walking or loss of strength, wormwood is recommended to use as a seasoning for food.Herbs can spice soups, salads and meat dishes, but the seasoning, we must note that wormwood has quite a bitter taste, so be the optimal dosage.Wormwood can be used as a seasoning in a dry and fresh.

Stomach problems

healing properties of wormwood great help in diseases of the stomach such as ulcers or gastritis.Traditional healers are recommended for people suffering from such illnesses, chew a pinch of fresh or dried wormwood.Despite the fact that the herb is bitter, you can get used to it with time taste.It is also useful to brew a twig or a pinch of sage cup of boiling water and drink it as tea.

withdrawal headache

Traditional medicine uses mugwort is the perfect cure for a headache.To facilitate the condition should be attached to wormwood forehead and temples.It is useful to combine this herb with green leaves of lovage and make a compress the mixture, which should also be applied to the patient's head.

Treatment inflamed periosteum

aching leg pain or inflammation of the periosteum can be easily remedied by using wormwood.To do this, take a cotton or linen cloth spread on her twigs and leaves of wormwood, put a compress in a pot, pour boiling water and leave to part-time cooling.Then gently squeeze compress is applied to the site of inflammation and is covered with woolen cloth.After cooling compress, remove it and repeat the procedure until there will come relief.

esophageal cancer

Due to its medicinal properties Wormwood is added to the composition of the many fees and medicines, which are used to treat esophageal cancer.For the preparation of medicines should be taken leaves and flowers of wormwood and mix them with a small amount of honey.Half a teaspoon of this mixture is recommended to put in his mouth and sucked up its complete disappearance.The same procedure should be repeated constantly, and if there is an allergy to honey, it can be replaced with sunflower oil.

Aromatherapy and cosmetology

Wormwood is widely used in aromatherapy, it fumigate the room disinfection, and wormwood oil helps eliminate depression and fatigue, improve concentration and strengthen memory. In dermatology and cosmetology wormwood is used for medicinal purposes to treat warts, papillomas, fatty skin inflammation and pustular diseases.


drugs based on Artemisia contra instilled into the nose and ears, used during pregnancy, lactation, as well as enterocolitis, bleeding, anemia, low acidity of the stomach and allergic to the plant.It should be remembered that an overdose can cause poisoning.Not recommended wormwood more than a month, as it is fraught with disorders of the nervous system.Pure wormwood juice must be diluted, and before its use is necessary to consult with a specialist.