Against the background of pregnancy the female body is completely rebuilt, changing its internal processes, metabolism and hormones.In this exciting and mysterious period for a woman her body is exposed to the danger of "pick up" various diseases.Genito-urinary system is part of a special risk group.

discharge from the genitals often help determine if there is any deviation or nothing to worry about.Normally, a healthy girl, they need to be in a small amount, do not have a sharp odor and be transparent whitish.But often the situation is different, and already in the early stages may appear yellow discharge.As far as they are dangerous and should I be concerned?

Although the presence of yellow discharge itself is not the norm, it can not be a cause for concern, if not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, such as burning, unpleasant odor, pain and itching.If the picture looks that way, the concern can be put aside.No need to run on unscheduled appointment with the doctor, but at the next s

cheduled inspection is required to inform him about the appearance of yellow discharge.

Quite different is the situation when the discharge complemented by pain, itching and other discomfort.In this case, you need as quickly as possible to visit a gynecologist, especially if the selection found a dark yellow color.

What can be the cause of their appearance?Primarily inflammatory processes of any kind, which worsened due pregnancy or due to other factors.It may also be due to the fact that several weakened immunity and now can not rapidly deal with microorganisms in the vagina which leads to their accumulation.In addition, such allocation (especially if they have an unpleasant odor, which did not exist before) may be a sign of spontaneous abortion.Therefore, to respond to such events need quickly.

Discharge can cause infections, which could be in a woman's pre-pregnancy or get into it afterwards.Whatever it was necessary to identify and eliminate.This can be done only with the help of a doctor and a proper survey on the basis of which will be assigned to a course of treatment.

appearance of secretions deep yellow color may be an allergic reaction to a personal care or underwear.Certain microorganisms can cause purulent secretions, which also have a yellow color.

If the allocating acquire a green tint, then most likely, the existing problem is exacerbated by, or a symptom of a serious deviation.For example, if the allocation of green and bubbles, it is probably the expectant mother is infected with a sexually transmitted disease.It is true for them still characterized by pain when urinating, itching and severe burning sensation in the genitals.

When the discharge has a bright yellow color, then presumably they may be caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes or ovaries, as well as a bacterial infection in the vagina.

self-medication in this case, is simply unacceptable.It should be avoided and outside of pregnancy, because you can harm their health and only aggravate the situation.A pregnancy requires special attention, because the self can harm the unborn baby and even cause miscarriage.Excessive feelings too to anything good will not result.Whatever the nature of the discharge, it is worth remembering that modern medication drugs quite successfully compete with many of them and it does not harm the fetus.And it does not depend on whether the treatment is in any pregnancy.

The main thing that is required of the future mother - in a timely manner to tell your doctor about available deviations as soon as they were found not to delay treatment and in all obey the doctor's instructions completely.If not completely clear if there cause for concern, it is necessary to consult a doctor, not to aggravate the situation.It is better to be safe once and consult than a pound of cure for many weeks of the disease in its advanced form.

Many inflammatory diseases and infections that manifest themselves during pregnancy yellow secretions, only exacerbated at this time, and do not appear in connection with pregnancy.Therefore, doctors recommend that before you conceive a child undergo a full medical examination.This will help to assess the condition of the body, identify unwanted deviations and disease and get rid of them before pregnancy.With this you can have peace of mind for themselves and the future baby to the fullest.Then the probability of yellow discharge during the child's expectations will be minimized, and therefore will be less anxiety.