If you or your child has been some time in contact with the man, later found themselves sick with chickenpox, panic, of course, is not necessary, however, to know something still hurts.

Each infectious diseases there are so-called incubation period - the time from getting an infection in the body before the onset of clinical symptoms.During this period, usually three stages:

  • beginning of the incubation period.This date is generally considered to be the person of contact time with the infection carrier, if it has already manifested itself in dire current form.By the date of contact is usually added a day or two: the time needed to adapt the chickenpox virus in humans.
  • own development of the incubation period, which is characterized by the fact that the infectious agent is actively multiplies and increases its concentration in the human body.Starting this stage of chickenpox in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and then passes the infection to other cells.
  • final stage of the incu
    bation period: infectious agents appear in the blood and distributed with it throughout the body.At this stage, the chickenpox virus penetrates the skin, it is actively multiplies, causing the appearance of the first symptoms of varicella - skin rash.At this time, the human body begins to actively resist infection that manifests itself generating the first antibody to the disease.

Although chicken pox and is considered the traditional children's disease often suffer from it, and adults.This is especially true of parents of sick children, if they have not had chickenpox as a child.If you do not take into account the extreme age limits (children up to one year, and the elderly), the duration of the incubation period is the same for both children and adults, and is it one to three weeks, and in a big way the incubation period of change can, andhere last less than seven days - no.

However, not always the incubation period has passed all three stages.It may be interrupted during any of these.The reason this may be the following factors:

  • number of infections has fallen in the body;
  • general state of health;
  • circumstances contact with a carrier of infection (indoors the probability of infection is much higher).

It is natural that on reaching the Seventh-day contact with sick chicken pox, the man himself can be a source of infection, because until the end do not know how it multiplies rapidly in the body of the child or adult.However, many infectious disease doctors say that you can only get infected from a man, the incubation period of not less than 17 days.

have chickenpox, there is one feature that makes it more dangerous to others: people can ride out the incubation period, reducing to the minimum necessary your contacts, and then deciding that the danger had passed, to lead a normal life.But!Chickenpox can pass hidden!On the forehead of the sick may be too small amount of the rash to be noted, however such a patient is able to easily infect others.

At the end of the incubation period, often with fever and rash first appears.This is precisely the best time to isolate the sick.If a child is sick, to care for him better attract those of adult relatives who have previously had chickenpox, as the severity of the disease for adults is incommensurable with the passage of the disease in children, who often do not feel too much discomfort chickenpox.