Allocation, suddenly emerging from the nipples, often, women are alarming.Meanwhile, a similar expression is not always indicate the presence of a particular pathology.Women's breasts are not for nothing called the mammary gland: the same way as any other of iron, it is able to produce its natural secret.However, leaving such symptoms is unattended: in some cases, isolation of the breast may be the first sign of a number of ailments.

norm or an anomaly?

Most women are faced with a problem of occurrence of discharge from the nipple, wondering how to distinguish physiological from pathological natural contents.In general, make a self-diagnosis is quite simple.

Physiological isolation, tend to be frugal in nature and appear only after a certain stimulation (for example, during stimulation of the nipples tight, tight clothing).In addition, the normal allocation considered, produced by the mammary gland of young mothers within a year after giving birth.

To the doctor should contact in

case allocation:

  • appear in previously millipara and woman to bear a child;
  • are permanent;
  • have a clear or yellowish in color;
  • contain impurities of blood.

Causes of abnormal discharge from the breast and their treatment

appearance of secretions from the breast can be caused by a wide variety of factors and traumatic diseases.

1. ectasia the milk ducts .This pathology is considered the most common cause of non-physiological secretions from the breast in women aged 40-50 years.When ectasia in one or several ducts there is an inflammatory process, and their clearance is hammered thick green or black discharge.

ectasia the milk ducts are treated using compresses, warm lotions, ibuprofen or aspirin.If you suspect an infection sick woman can be treated with antibiotics.With the ineffectiveness of treatment bloodless surgery can be performed.

2. Intraductal papilloma .Intraductal papilloma called a small benign tumor that develops in the milk ducts in the vicinity of the nipple.Causes and risk factors of education and has not yet been studied: it is known only that this disease, women are most often between the ages of 35 to 55 years.

Expert opinion: The appearance of papillomas often associated with the presence in the human papillomavirus.

In certain conditions, the tumor may acquire a malignant form.When secreted intraductal papilloma selection of only one teat by its stimulation, have a thick consistency and blood impurities.The very same tumor in most cases easily palpated inside the areola.

For accurate diagnosis an ultrasound scan of the areola and the adjacent tissues.Treatment of this disease is surgical removal of the affected duct papilloma and histology.

3. Galaktorreya. cause of this disease becomes increase prolactin levels in the body of the sick woman.Prolactin - a special hormone produced by the brain to activate the production of milk in feeding a newborn child (immediately after birth).The reasons that can cause a malfunction in the body include:

  • thyroid disease, violating its functioning;
  • reception of contraceptive drugs;
  • chronic stimulation of the nipples;
  • prolactinoma (pituitary tumor), and others.

When gallaktoree allocation may be produced as a one or both breasts.This secret can be absolutely transparent, white, yellow or green.galaktorrei always Treatment is aimed at eliminating the root cause that caused the disease.

4. Abscess. In most cases, abscesses (accumulation of pus) in the mammary glands occur in breast-feeding women.Cracks appear in the nipple area, enable pathogenic bacteria to get into the deep breast tissue and cause infection.When abscess pus impurity appears in the secretions from the breast and the chest itself significantly increases in size, it becomes red and painful.

Treatment of discharge from the breasts surgically performed in abscess.After the operation for opening the abscess patient appointed antibiotics.

5. fibrocystic breast disease. the disease to some extent subject to half of women around the world.Discharge at fibrocystic mastitis can either be transparent or have green or yellow tint.

To clarify the diagnosis the doctor prescribes the patient an ultrasound scan of the breast and mammography.Treatment of discharge from the breast with fibrocystic mastopathy conservative, is symptomatic.

6. Injury. chest trauma can cause the appearance of one or secretions of both mammary glands.In this case, the secret may be transparent, yellowish or bloody.

7. Breast Cancer. Despite the fact that isolation of the mammary glands are relatively rare occurrence of a symptom of cancers, exclude the possibility nevertheless impossible.Invasive cancer or intraductal malignancy provoke the appearance of spontaneous discharge mixed with blood from only one breast.Fixing such symptoms, a woman should seek immediate mammologist.

8. Paget's disease. Paget's disease is called a special form of breast cancer.This pathology manifests itself in the form of itching, burning, redness of the nipple and areola, sshelushivaniya their skin, "pull" the nipple inside.Discharge from the breast with Paget's disease have a blood impurity.

Diagnosis of the disease produced by a biopsy of the areola.When the diagnosis of Paget's disease patients assigned surgical treatment involves either removal of the breast or the tumor itself and the surrounding tissue to her.In the postoperative period patients demonstrated radiation and chemotherapy.