amenorrhea - a syndrome characterized by the absence of menstruation.As a result of heavy menstrual irregularities and lack of ovulation amenorrhea often leads to infertility.In fact, amenorrhea is not a disease - it is rather a symptom that means nothing, as the absence of menstruation.Amenorrhea is divided into primary and secondary.

Primary we can see, when there is no menstruation in a girl of fourteen, while other signs of puberty are not observed, and when you do not come up to sixteen periods, but signs of sexual maturity there.Both cases have different causes, and therefore there is such a division.Amenorrhea can also be physiological - menopausal women after forty-five years, and in girls up to the age of fourteen.Physiological amenorrhea also observed in pregnant women during lactation, when the amount of prolactin in the blood increases, which prevents an increase in endometrial and maturation of the egg.

Secondary amenorrhea occurs in women whose menstrual cycles are well underw

ay, but no menses for six months for unknown reasons.

Causes of amenorrhea can be all sorts of factors.The point of your doctor - to establish that it affected the menstrual dysfunction.It causes determine not only the diagnosis but also treatment and determine prognosis.

Causes can be hormonal nature: such are the pathology of the pituitary and ovaries, as well as irregularities in the thyroid and adrenal glands.It hormones, it can cause a breach of primary amenorrhea in the period of maturity, and in this case, examination of the ovaries and the pituitary.

Among the reasons prominently genetic diseases, which in many cases cause sexual dysfunction.In addition, anatomical pathology in the development of reproductive organs - such as the lack of openings in the hymen, and the cervix imperforate, can also cause amenorrhea - in this case we are talking about false amenorrhea.Menstrual blood in this case goes into the abdominal cavity, which is manifested attacks of abdominal pain, so such a problem is diagnosed quickly.

secondary amenorrhea may provoke a stressful situation, and all kinds of chronic diseases, especially neurological diseases.Strong physical activities that increase the level of testosterone in the blood may also trigger secondary amenorrhea.Amenorrhea may result from disturbances in the synthesis of hormones due to insufficient intake of amino acids from food - these situations provoke an unhealthy diet, diet and malnutrition.

symptoms of amenorrhea

one symptom of amenorrhea - absence of menstruation.However, this symptom is accompanied by complaints of excess weight, which is often accompanied by hormonal disruptions in the body.In addition, there are signs of increased testosterone, that is, excessive sweating, certain changes in the figure, as well as increased hair growth and voice changes.

In secondary amenorrhea galactorrhea often observed, ie the expiry of milk in women who are not expecting a baby.Against the background of hyperprolactinemia with an increase in blood prolactin is also observed secondary amenorrhea.

In secondary amenorrhea often women have not entered menopause, feel symptoms of menopause - hot flashes, heart pain, recurrent hot flushes and sweating.

In addition, women with amenorrhea complain of headache, weakness, drowsiness and irritability.

is important to understand that the absence of menstruation for more than two months a woman have to consult with your doctor, because the menstrual cycle - it is a serious signal to the body that occur in it crashes.

Diagnosis and treatment of amenorrhea

first steps towards establishing a diagnosis of amenorrhea and its causes is a thorough examination and questioning of the patient.Next, you need a multidimensional examination, by which established the clinical picture.The survey includes gynecological ultrasound, in which you can find infantilism, polycystic, lack of ovulation, growth of endometrial and ovarian function.During the hormonal studies have the opportunity to identify the level of testosterone hormone, prolactin, progesterone, estradiol, FSH and LH.The examination may need an MRI of the brain and the consultation of the neurologist if there is suspicion of pituitary adenoma.

If the research record, several factors that can lead to amenorrhea, then resorted to laparoscopic surgery for diagnostic purposes.Genetic causes are set with karyotype studies, and problems in the uterus are investigated by geteroskopii.

If you take into account all the causes and developing the right treatment, the menstrual period can be recovered.The main method by which we treat amenorrhea, a hormone replacement therapy, which is able to resume the cycle.Ovulation is stimulated by means of tablets, and it even allows you to restore the ability to conceive.

However, treatment must be mainly aimed at, to eliminate the root cause.Amenorrhea, reason has polycystic ovaries, treated using combined hormonal contraceptives, hormone blockers to cysts can dissolve.

widespread treatment of amenorrhea folk remedies.This is useful, but only as a concomitant therapy, and not as an independent method of treatment.One of the important conditions of treatment is to restore a healthy lifestyle, the normalization of food and physical activity, as well as a normal healthy sleep.