Bartolini - an inflammatory disease of the large sex glands, located in the vestibule.


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reasons bartholinitis

On the mechanism of Bartolini can be primary and secondary.Primary Bartholinitis occurs as a distinct disease, secondary - due to the presence of inflammatory gynecological diseases of any other sites.

pathogens can act both aerobic and anaerobic mikroorganizmamy.Among all the micro-organisms are the most important gonococci, staphylococci, several less common streptococcal and trichomonas infection and infection with E. coli.

Pathogen enters the excretory ducts of the prostate, which later develops an inflammatory reaction.This increases swelling of the excretory ducts of the glands, the secret does not go out and become infected.Increased body temperature, the genital area becomes red.The formation of this mechanism is called a fals

e acute abscess.The true abscess occurs as a result of the accumulation of purulent masses in the excretory ducts of the glands, which causes its unfolding and distribution of deep urogenital system.

With adequate treatment bartholinitis symptoms disappear, however, the disease can recur.

Symptoms bartholinitis

Bartolini photo bartholinitis emergence of a woman accompanied by a wide variety of complaints, which depend on the location of the lesion.

If affected excretory duct of Bartholin's gland, it develops kanalikulit if she just iron, the Bartolini.

bartholinitis The appearance may be asymptomatic for a long time.Education in the area of ​​the labia woman is not worried as long as joining a secondary infection.This is where the disease manifests itself.

note roller shades of red around the output Bartholin gland openings among the first signs of the disease.When pressed on his stand purulent mass.

If pus is allocated a lot, and he does not have time to go out, there is a blockage of the output they Bartholin gland duct.This process involves necrotic epithelial cells, pus, bacteria.With the development of this reaction may develop a so-called psevdoabtsess which is a cavity with a high content of purulent masses.As a result, the general condition of women is deteriorating.

patient complained of general weakness, fatigue, malaise, fever, decreased mental and physical performance.

bartholinitis If there is a sick woman there are complaints of severe pain in the area of ​​the labia majora.There appears morbid entity which interferes with walking.Also, a woman's body temperature rises, there is a general weakness, fatigue, decreased performance.

If there was a true abscess, it will be accompanied by an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.The temperature rises to 40 0C.

Since Bartolini - is an inflammatory process, it will be accompanied by a common manifestation in the form of a syndrome of general intoxication, and as a local expression of the reaction.Locally you can find redness or flushing, which is located on the border of the upper and middle thirds of the labia lips woman.In addition, there is a swelling of the labia.

addition, that the temperature increases, palpation of the inflamed labia can find the local temperature rise.

As with any other inflammatory process, with Bartolini is a violation of the affected organ: Bartholin gland so increased that gives great concern as a woman walking and at rest.

So Bartholinitis clinically characterized by common features of all manifestations of inflammatory reactions.But the symptoms can be determined visually.

Diagnostics bartholinitis

for diagnostic use bartholinitis separation obtained with pressure on the excretory duct of Bartholin's gland.The resulting material mikroskopiruyut grown on nutrient media and identify antibiotics to which the susceptibility of the flora.

However, the first method for the determination of the disease - is its clinical manifestations: pain, swelling and redness at the site of injury Bartholin gland, and organ dysfunction.

gynecological examination can detect abnormalities in the vestibule.There is a protrusion, which can vary in size depending on the severity and spread of ill

Treatment bartholinitis

bartholinitis Treatment depends on the stage.If the disease is detected in the initial period of its course, the prescribed medication.For this purpose, strict bed rest, diet, antibiotics, pain relief.

as antibiotics special place is given to sulfonamides.

Expert Opinion: Today sulfa drugs in 80% of cases are not effective against bacteria.Drugs used for treatment of the synthetic penicillins group protected against beta-lactamases, cephalosporins and other groups.

If the process has come a long way, takes long and hard, or conservative therapy is powerless, then apply surgical treatments bartholinitis.If

abscess was discovered outside, then it is inserted in the drainage and washed with hypertonic sodium chloride.

If there is an abscess, but has not yet opened, then carry out surgery.To do this, make a cut along the outside of the labia majora.This is done in order to avoid infection of the vagina.

If a woman diagnosed: kanalikulit, the cost of antibiotics and the appointment of antibacterial drugs based on their type or type species specificity.

In addition, you can use traditional methods of treatment bartholinitis, however, these methods can only serve as additional mandatory compliance with all requirements of the attending physician.

Satisfactory results are obtained by combined treatment bartholinitis using physiotherapy.

At relapse bartholinitis affected Bartholin gland is completely removed as a source of chronic disease.