fibrocystic breasts fit to call the disease of the century - so often it is in women today.Called mastitis breast disease, one or two, at which appear in the tissues glands and seal formation.Seals and education can be of different sizes, different densities, may be a multiple or single-grained components.Partially can be painful.Mastopatia notorious that may develop into serious complications and cancers.

Doctors believe that almost all women are found early signs of mastitis.And these signs can not be ignored - threatening complications of advanced disease and leads to rapid solution of the problem.That is why today mammologist doctors are paying great attention to not only the treatment of mastitis, but also its prevention.

are several types of mastopathy: fibrocystic, diffuse and nodular.Fibrocystic stands out in this series so that during its current form cysts, intraductal papilloma, and fibroadenoma of the breast.

When nodal mastopathy, for instance, in the mammary gland seals have

a single character, and in diffuse, which is a kind of fibrocystic breast disease, seals are multiple.


  • 1 Causes of mastitis
  • 2 Symptoms of mastitis
  • 3 Treatment of mastitis

Causes of mastitis

Among the causes of fibrocystic mastitis called infectious diseases, abortion and the natural child-feeding.The reasons of occurrence of mastitis include and emotional overload, and the abuse of alcohol and nicotine.In addition, the risk factors include sun exposure, ie, exposure to direct sunlight breast.

Symptoms of mastitis

Suspicion of fibrocystic breast disease should be a woman, to feel pain in the breast, it still is called mastalgia.Mastalgia usually felt in the days before menstruation and accompanied by a feeling of tension in the mammary glands.

cause of mastalgia is fluid retention under the influence of progesterone in breast tissue.The concentration of progesterone in blood increases during this period of the menstrual cycle.

doctor conducts a detailed study of breast cancer by palpation and by ultrasound and mammography.At the same time he discovers in breast tissue diffuse changes.

mastalgia As the disease becomes permanent, regardless of the menstrual cycle.At this stage, there are discharge from the nipples, and felt fibrocystic changes.

Treatment of mastitis

Treatment of fibrocystic breast may be conservative or surgical, if necessary.Conservative treatment is complex individually.You can not self-medicate in any case, because only an expert can take into account the stage of the disease, its shape and complications, if any.

main treatment of mastitis - a hormone therapy, through which eliminates hormonal disorders.Held hormone therapy in combination with a special diet and intake of iodine drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and diuretics.Often prescribed as sedatives, sedation, as well as help the therapist.

chance to prevent or stop the disease, the higher the earlier conducted diagnostics and treatment is started.As a precaution must be inspected annually in mammalogy-physician and surgeon and gynecologist.If you have symptoms that indicate a complication of diseases such as purulent or bloody discharge from the nipple, increased pain or an increase in the seal, should seek medical advice urgently.

as prevention of mastitis, which is considered a precancerous condition, and therefore the importance of its prevention is clear, it is necessary to adhere to basic principles:

  • power women should be of high quality, limited in the amount of fat and salt.Reducing the amount of fat it is associated with the fact that it contains in adipose tissue female hormones estrogen and therefore less body fat, the lower the load on the body hormone.With regard to salts, it is, being able to delay in the body fluid is also undesirable when mastitis, and if there is a risk of its occurrence.In nutrition, on the contrary, should introduce fruit and vegetables containing vitamin C and B, as well as zinc and magnesium, which is adjusted prolactin runningaway.
  • emotional state of the woman should be stable - remove all irritants that stimulate chronic stress.
  • very important to pick up the laundry, especially a bra, which should be selected strictly on the size should not be close, but too much should not be free.Cloth from which sewed a bra should pass air.With the right bra load on the muscles and ligaments to be distributed evenly.
  • hormonal contraceptives may accelerate the development of mastitis.
  • woman at least once a month should itself examine the breasts for mastitis.Such examinations aimed at finding seals.The test has a massage in nature, and therefore is not only prevention, but also has a curative effect.

Hormonal disorders that trigger the development of mastitis, can occur in the body for several reasons.For example, many women's diseases, such as varying degrees of ovarian disease and various types can trigger hormonal disruptions.In addition, abortion, including abortion and those that are made in the early stages of pregnancy can trigger hormonal disruption.Large hormonal shake-up of the body occur after pregnancy and childbirth, particularly aggravating the situation late childbirth.