ovarian cysts - a common tumor formation appearing in the ovarian tissue and is a fairly large cavity filled with liquid.Most often, this pathology occurs in women of childbearing age, and much less - in the elderly.It is believed that a cyst - a benign, but this rule has exceptions.That's why early detection and treatment of this disease should be given increased attention.


  • 1 Types of ovarian cysts
  • 2 causes of ovarian cysts
  • 3 Symptoms of ovarian cysts
  • 4 Drug treatment of ovarian cysts
  • 5 Surgical treatment of ovarian cysts
  • 6 ovarian cyst treatment folk remedies

Types of ovarian cysts

ovarian cysts can be functional and true, and the most commonit is functional.Such formations appear on the site are not past ovulation the corpus luteum or follicle, and usually pass on their own in 2-3 months.The true ovarian cyst, in contrast, can be either benign or malignant.There are three types of such entities:

  • serous - good-quality education,
    having good blood circulation and capable of malignancy;
  • dermoid - cyst, formed as a result of a failure in the process of ovulation;
  • of hormone - a rare benign capable of malignancy and is able to produce male sex hormones.

causes of ovarian cysts

causes of ovarian cysts are not definitively established, but there are several theories of emergence and development of this disease.In particular, it is believed that the functional cysts appear as a result of ovulation disorders.In such cases, the follicle continues to grow in size, and the corpus luteum begins to accumulate fluid.Formation of the type generally resolve independently and do not require treatment.However, this does not preclude the occurrence of complications such as rupture cysts, its twisting and, as a consequence, - internal bleeding.

much more significant changes in the body that require complex treatment, are considered abnormal cyst, a cyst that is not going for 3 months.The main cause of the formations of this type - hormonal disruptions in a woman's body.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts

The most common symptoms of ovarian cysts are not available, and the disease is only diagnosed during routine inspection at the gynecologist.Nevertheless, there are a number of common symptoms, which can detect the presence of the disease.In particular, it:

  • intense aching pain localized in the lower abdomen;
  • frequent urination;
  • obesity;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39 degrees;
  • palpitations;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • excessive body hair, deepening of voice noticeable.

If you find any symptoms of ovarian cysts is recommended to immediately contact your gynecologist for purposes of treatment course.

Medication ovarian cyst

Treatment of ovarian cysts is carried out not only by surgery, and medication.The choice of methods to combat the disease depends on many factors, and is caused by the size of the cyst, its type, age and state of health of the woman.

When detecting small cysts gynecologist lays surgical treatment for several months, allowing the formation disappear spontaneously.Thus patients are administered hormones (contraception) and, if necessary, anti-inflammatory agents.In addition, a woman who identified ovarian cyst, prescribed vitamins A, E, C, B1, B6, K, diet therapy, exercise therapy and balneotherapy.

Surgical treatment of ovarian cysts

Operational cyst treatment method is used mainly in the presence of ovarian tumor lesions.To begin with, during the histological examination, determined the nature of the pathological education, and only then its removal is performed.

The most common surgical treatment is considered to laparoscopic surgery.Meanwhile, if in step diagnosed suspected malignant tumor, the patient undergoes laparotomy an urgent histological examination.After surgery, the patient can be assigned an extended hormonal treatment.

important to remember that timely preventive checkups at the gynecologist can help prevent the development of various gynecological pathologies, and ovarian cysts - including.Timely detection of the disease is the key to a favorable prognosis and its treatment helps sick woman to avoid complications.

ovarian cyst Treatment folk remedies

ovarian cysts Drug therapy is often complemented by treatment and folk remedies.Among the most effective and proven popular recipes include the following.

Recipe 1. Within a month of daily take 1 tablespoonfreshly squeezed juice of Viburnum.

Recipe 2. Daily (within 3 months) to make a glass of broth, prepared on the basis of one of the following herbal:

  • levzei root, sage leaves, flowers, Helichrysum, yarrow, chamomile blossoms, rose hips, elecampane root,grass series - equally;
  • herb lavender, grass clover, marshmallow root, nettle leaf, pine buds, herb wormwood, grass cudweed, blueberry leaf, root levzei - equally;
  • grass and mint leaves, grass geranium, birch leaf, meadowsweet flowers, inflorescences of chamomile, celandine grass, licorice root, thyme herb, elecampane root - equally;
  • clover flowers Bergenia root, peppermint grass, bearberry leaves and flowers of tansy, eucalyptus leaves, leaf mother and stepmother - equally;
  • calendula flowers, leaf cuff, leaf fireweed, peony root, peppermint grass, herb parsley, pine buds, angelica root - equally.

improvement of the patients within a few weeks comes as a result of treatment with herbs.However, long-term and lasting effect can be achieved only with prolonged and regular use of herbs (for a year or more).