Astigmatism - a disease characterized by the development of visual impairment.Literally from the Latin word "astigmatism" is translated as "lack of focus".In this disease the child sees all surrounding objects distorted because the cornea assumes an irregular shape (in this case we speak of corneal astigmatism).If the images are distorted perception is due to pathological changes in the child's eye lens, it is diagnosed: lenticular astigmatism.

This eye disease is directly linked to the far-sightedness or myopia.Ophthalmologists are three types of astigmatism:

  • Simple (nearsightedness or farsightedness is characteristic only for one eye).
  • complex (presence of varying degrees of the same defect in both eyes).
  • Mixed complex (one eye sees far-sightedness, the second - short-sighted).

There are also physiological astigmatism, which occurs every fourth inhabitant of the Earth and does not require the wearing of glasses or any correction.The unit is the diopter of astigmatism.Visual distorti

on of up to 0.5 diopters do not require special care and treatment.

Astigmatism - often congenital eye disease, but this does not mean that it is the birth of a child with such a diagnosis is made.In some cases, the astigmatism can be shown to have quite adulthood.The sooner treatment is started, the more effective it will be, because the timely correction reduces the load on the vision as a whole and prevents the development of more serious diseases.

main cause of child astigmatism is a hereditary factor.The shape of the eyeball is inherited as well as the shape of the nose or mouth, and hence a predisposition to the disease can also be inherited.Often with a strong innate astigmatism child from the very beginning of their lives seeing the world distorted, and the development of his visual system is deteriorating.

Over time, this can lead to severe impairment of vision.Therefore, it is not necessary since the first days of life the child neglect prevention campaigns to the doctor.The first inspection of the child ophthalmologist is recommended that at 4 months of age, and then - in 1 year, 3 years, and each year up to 16 years inclusive.Usually the doctor can diagnose "astigmatism" in the second and third years of life of the baby.

second cause of the disease can be all sorts of eye injuries, the child's illness, transferred in the process of growing up, the wrong eye hygiene.In this case we are talking about the acquired astigmatism.

There are several major symptoms of the disease.If the child's complaints that it is difficult to see any distant or near objects, he often experiences headaches and pain in the superciliary arcs, quickly tired when reading, it is a reason to burn it to the reception to the optometrist.If you have astigmatism, the child often can not correctly determine the distance between objects, can not figure out which one is closer, but what next.

often by children suffering from astigmatism, not received any complaints about the vision, so in childhood developed adaptive capabilities.In this case, to recognize a disease without inspection specialist impossible.Direct responsibility of parents - to take care of your child's health.Often talk to him about what was bothering him, ask yourself if he complains of vision, whether well see the surrounding objects, and do not be lazy to drive the child to annual inspections to the optometrist.

In that case, if the child is diagnosed with "astigmatism", the basic treatment it will be directed to vision correction.In the first place after a complete diagnosis of the doctor will pick up the child for permanent wear glasses.There is a myth that if a child put on his glasses, so he will wear them for life.This is not so.

Medicine does not stand still, and now there are different ways of correction and treatment that allow eventually get rid of wearing glasses.Lenses in childhood are not practically used.The main task of the parents of the child with astigmatism is constant monitoring of his vision.We should not forget that the optics must be periodically replaced.

When astigmatism is useful to pass a painless procedure, video-computer vision correction.Gymnastics Eye gives a positive trend in the treatment of many diseases, including astigmatism.correction courses are held each year, depending on the level of development of the disease, and allow over time completely stop wearing lenses or glasses.

complete freedom from disease is only possible by surgery, which is allowed when reaching the age of 20 the patient.Up to 16 years, all systems of the human body, including the visual system are in active growth, and any radical intervention is highly undesirable.To date, there are two types of possible operations with astigmatism:

  • Termokeratokoagulyatsiya.This consists in touching heated metal needle peripheral corneal zone.As a result of such effects is an increase in corneal curvature and hence its refractive and increase strength.This operative intervention is used for astigmatism, hyperopia with the conjugate.
  • keratotomy is applied to the cornea of ​​non-through cuts, causing it comes weakening the refractive power for enhanced axis.This procedure is performed under mixed and myopic astigmatism.

Laser vision correction is possible when reaching the age of 18, but it has a number of contraindications (instability of inflammatory diseases of the eye, scarring on the retina).It should be remembered that children diagnosed with astigmatism throughout the time of development of the visual system should be under the supervision of a specialist and the treatment started on time will avoid future serious problems with vision and completely abandon wearing glasses.