Arrhythmia is one of the cardiac disease.The disease is characterized by a disturbance of the heart rhythm.Depending on the disorder, arrhythmia has several kinds.

Sinus arrhythmia is characterized by the alternation of the wrong heart rate.This type of arrhythmia most often occurs in children and adolescents, although in recent years the number of children suffering from this disease, decreased significantly.Sinus arrhythmia can be both functional and dependent on breathing (when breathing - more frequent, while exhaling - cuts become less).This type of arrhythmia requires treatment and has no effect on the overall health of the child.

Treatment of sinus arrhythmia in children

Treatment of sinus arrhythmia is usually divided into traditional and non-traditional treatment.Before selecting any kind should initially determine the causes of arrhythmias and, therefore, to see a specialist.

sinus arrhythmia treatment should begin as soon as possible, at the very initial stages of deve

lopment.In many cases the experts appointed group of antiarrhythmic drugs.They are there are several types: reduce cardiac conduction, and increase cardiac conduction.Some also allow you to remove the pain in my heart.Most commonly, drugs for arrhythmia complexes contain vitamins and minerals.There

and reflexology treatment of sinus arrhythmia.With it decreases heart rate.The method is based on the voltage of the eyeballs (jam and keep a few minutes), a massage of the neck.In the treatment of sinus arrhythmia in children is possible to use a pacemaker, but this method is used very rarely.It is also very necessary to choose with caution and physiotherapy.

When sinus arrhythmia child Atropos prescribed intravenously and subcutaneously.With a strong arrhythmia can rate novokainomida or hanidina.The specialist may prescribe and adrenaline.It is also very important in the treatment of sinus arrhythmia in children to limit physical activity.To prevent the development of complications and progression of the disease, it is necessary to adhere to basic prevention items, namely: maintaining a diet (preference should be given low-fat food plant-based, it is better to eat small meals several times a day and avoid eating at night);do not overwork (this does not mean that the exercise should be excluded altogether, you can do light morning exercises or go swimming);frequently visit the open air;to maintain mental state (need to avoid the development of a variety of stresses in the child, as well as strong emotions).

It is important not to delay treatment, especially if the child suffers from a disease.Long delayed treatment can lead not only to the development of complications and the progression of the disease, but also to other, no less serious consequences.

consequences of sinus arrhythmia

for arrhythmia, which is characterized by rapid change in heart rate, slowing it, there is a high risk of disruption of the heart as a whole, leading to a decrease in production volumes of blood.Since the blood brain need the most and that's where comes in large quantities, therefore, due to disturbances in the heart and the brain suffers.There may develop effects such as frequent dizziness and fainting, and even loss of consciousness.

It can happen to the child at any time, as it will happen suddenly.Also arrhythmia seriously reduces the ability of contraction of the heart and coronary blood flow breaks.This in turn has lead to the development of acute heart failure and pulmonary edema.If the treatment of arrhythmia greatly tighten, it increases the risk of threats to the child's life.

Arrhythmia in children may persist for several years, it can be easy to miss at first and later discover.should limit the elementary level of physical activity to prevent the possible development of the disease.Although sinus arrhythmia and is not the most common disease, its effects greatly influence on the child.The main "defeat" the body can become the brain, whose operation depends directly from the heart.

Equally serious damage is done to the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole.Treat arrhythmia should be in the early stages.To do this, all babies at discharge checked for abnormalities of the heart of the system.To prevent the development of anemia frequently check in clinics.This will prevent the disease and to destroy it "fundamentally" and avoid surgery.

Any treatment is prescribed individually, taking into account the characteristics of the organism baby.Thus, for any sign of arrhythmia urgent need to address to the expert and begin treatment of arrhythmia at the initial stage.