cramps in the stomach can be expressed in the marked violation of his functions, or, in other words - in a functional disorder. This disorder manifests itself primarily in the form of involuntary contractions of the smooth muscles of the stomach, accompanied by acute pain.This pain can last for quite a long period of time.

causes of stomach cramps, even with the most careful diagnosis are not explored to the end.Not identified and any lesions or abnormalities in the stomach or in the walls.Pathological processes act mainly on the motility of the stomach, that is broken or secretory motor function in digestive tract.Suffer from this disease, often, patients are adults.Push the disease can give nervous disorders or metabolic disorders.

Very often stomach cramps occur unexpectedly.So far have not revealed until the end of their causes.That is why it is still not developed uniform methods for the effective prevention and treatment of this disease.This imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract is in

the nature of the organic and functional.

organic dysfunction characterized by adults and is manifested along with more serious diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastroduodenitis.Functional cramps occur most often in young people.They can be provoked by disorders of the nervous system and metabolism.


  • 1 reasons for stomach cramps
  • 2 Symptoms of stomach cramps
  • 3 methods of treatment

reasons for stomach cramps

Mainorganic causes of stomach cramps, as already mentioned, this severe disease occurring in the gastrointestinal tract.It can be a variety of erosion, gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastroduodenitis, which provoke all sorts of dysfunction.

be more elaborate on the functionality of stomach cramps.Their causes directly related to the everyday lifestyle, nutrition, and general emotional state of the patient.That is the cause of the spasms are directly dependent on the person.First of all, it's alcoholism, smoking, irregular meals, use of certain types of drugs.Additionally, as pathogens act nervous disorders, prolonged states of stress, hypothermia or intoxication.Intoxication occurs mainly due to alcohol or food poisoning.Environmental pollution at the place of residence or work can have on the body long-term chemical exposure and also cause cramps.

Thus, as the main reason that causes functional disorders, are the personal qualities of a person, under certain conditions provoking these disorders.

Symptoms of stomach cramps

main symptom in any kind of stomach cramps manifested in strong pain sensations obtuse nature involving considerable inconvenience and discomfort.This pain contributes to the further development of muscle spasms, when a person can not even straighten up.Associated symptoms - is a constant feeling of nausea and retching.

methods of treatment

Despite the lack of consensus on the treatment of this disease, there are measures of a preventive and curative nature, capable to alleviate the suffering of the patient.First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough and detailed diagnosis in order to identify the exact cause of the spasms in the stomach.If they are detected, the treatment may continue for quite a long time and be comprehensive.The attenuation and elimination of pain by means of spasmolytic drugs.This, above all, drugs such as No-spa, Spazmalgon, Almagel, Buscopan, capable of intense work on the pain syndrome.

As one of the elements of prevention is the appointment of a permanent medical diet, which has its own peculiarities in this disease.Rough food should be completely excluded from the daily diet.It is strictly forbidden to eat hot bread and other flour products.You do not eat spicy, fatty and smoked foods, as well as all sorts of spices.It eliminates the use of alcohol, strong tea and coffee.Food should not be either very hot or very cold.Eating should be carried out in small portions, about 6-7 times during the day.Before going to bed should drink a glass of warm skim milk.Such a diet should be observed for at least 90 days from the start to improve until such time as will not stop all manifestations of stomach cramps.

However, we must focus on the fact that once aggravated stomach cramps, can be repeated periodically.In this regard, it is considered appropriate to constantly observe sparing diet, can significantly reduce the possibility of a recurrence.

Treatment of stomach cramps and can be carried out using a variety of folk remedies.Such means for each patient are selected individually, but there are general prescriptions applicable to most cases:

  • In severe spasms, in order to relieve the pain mixed with two teaspoons of nettle, St. John's wort and meadowsweet flowers.The resulting mixture is poured into the kettle and poured 0.5-0.6 liters of boiling water.The first cup is drunk in an hour, and the rest - during the day 3-4 times.
  • For very severe pain need to squeeze the juice of motherwort in amounts 1st teaspoon, diluted in?cup of warm water and drink.
  • very well relieves pain of mint tea.To prepare it, you need 2-3 teaspoons of dried crushed mint leaves, pour boiling water.After 30 minutes of warm tea start drinking during the day, dilute with boiled water in a ratio of 1/1.In addition to relieving pain, mint well calms the nervous system.