With diseases such as appendicitis, facing almost every person throughout his life.What is this disease?What are its symptoms and methods of treatment?Inflammation of the appendix is ​​called appendicitis - vermiform appendage of the rectum.

Expert opinion: The appendix - is the appendix of the cecum.

The disease is characterized by a pronounced clinical picture and only be treated with surgery.

Doctors distinguish two types of appendicitis: acute and chronic.Chronic appendicitis, in turn, can have three morphological forms:

  • Surface or catarrh.
  • Simple.
  • abscess or ulcerative, gangrenous, apostematozny.

symptoms of appendicitis

One of the main symptoms - pain in the abdomen (usually the right) appears in 90% of cases of appendicitis.The first sign of an acute form of the disease may be complaints of the patient on a periodic occurrence of discomfort and weak pain from the gastrointestinal tract: pain in the navel area, bloating, cramps.After going to the toilet can occur a s

hort relief, but after a while these symptoms usually return.

for 2-3 hours colic rare move in a constant aching and arching pain.At this time, the right movement of pain in the lower abdomen.This process is known as a symptom Kocher-Volkovich.To escape from the approaching pain and severe discomfort at this point it is recommended to lie down on his right side and tighten to the abdomen bent knees.

Strengthening abdominal pain at the slightest movement, whether it be an attempt to stand up or cough, while shaking while walking or riding in a truck - a typical sign of appendicitis in the adult or child.

Expert Opinion: These symptoms will be related to irritation of the peritoneum.Irritation of the peritoneum can be peritonitis, perforation of the stomach ulcer, acute pancreatitis and other diseases of the abdominal cavity.

usually appendicitis occurs in the right side, but the left-appendicitis cases were reported in medical practice.In this case, cecal appendage is left.

Expert Opinion: Such situations arise in the case of dekstrapozitsii bodies, that is, when the mirror of their location.The heart is the right and the left liver, etc.

also occurring during an attack of pain depends on how the appendix is ​​located.The pain in the right lower abdomen, in the area of ​​the womb talking about breech position of the appendix.If he is in the immediate vicinity of the median line of the abdomen, the pain will be felt in the navel area.When the location of the appendix cecal back pain appear in the lower back and "give" in the right leg and the groin.

pain of appendicitis is not a distinct, strong.Basically the patient to tolerate its until appendix begins to expand from the accumulated pus therein, i.e. until the start empyema appendix.In this case, the pain becomes unbearable.Emerging with gangrenous processes contribute to some patients relief.This is due to the dying out of the nerve endings, which serve as a source of pain.When you break the appendix pain spreads throughout the abdomen with purulent contents broken through the epididymis.

80% of patients the main symptoms of appendicitis are nausea and vomiting in the early hours of inflammation.Therefore appendicitis often be confused with a disease or disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.The diagnosis of acute appendicitis immediately questioned if nausea occurs early abdominal pain.Often a sign of appendicitis, and to a greater extent in adults, it is the refusal of the meal.Appetite loss characteristic 90% of patients with a similar diagnosis.

also possible appendicitis:

  • Problems with a chair (one-third of all cases).Delay defecation is due to intestinal paresis, ie restrictions bowel motor function due to the spread of inflammation on the abdomen.In 15% of patients, conversely, overly loose stools observed.
  • false desires in a toilet (tenesmus).
  • Weak rise in temperature.In half of cases within the first 24 hours, there is an increase in temperature to 37.5 C. The doctors say that the strong rise in temperature is not typical for this disease, if it is not associated with complications and infections by outsiders.

Acute appendicitis is characterized by the development of some of the pathological changes that occur in the first hours after the onset of inflammation: a disorder of lymph and blood stagnation in the capillaries, hemorrhages and edema, marginatsiya leukocyte appearance siderofagov - specific phagocytes.These changes usually occur in the most remote from the midline abdominal section of the appendix.

Operation appendicitis

Usually the patient was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis, must some time be under the supervision of a doctor and pass a series of tests.necessarily surgery should take place after confirmation of the diagnosis.It can be carried out by one of two methods: conventional or endoscopic.

the traditional method in the location of the appendix, usually on the right side, the incision of muscle tissue, reaching a length of 8 cm. Then the surgeon will examine the appendix, if the tissue being nearby is not inflamed, it removes it, and joint area of ​​the rectum and inflammation of the epididymisShe sews.peritonitis may occur when rupture of the appendix.In this case, also performed surgery to remove the inflamed epididymis, after which the patient for another week in the hospital under the supervision of experts and taking antibiotics.

Today, more and more surgery to remove the appendix is ​​performed with modern endoscopic method, in which the abdominal cavity is entered tube with a camera on the end.The doctor monitors the state of the appendix to this point at the computer monitor.Section occurs via a special cut inflamed appendage incision in this case is much smaller than traditional surgery.

Rehabilitation of success of such an operation takes place for two days.The postoperative period does not require any special diets or restrictions.Most characteristic for appendicitis symptoms may occur because of dyskinetic disorders.This state has been called a false appendicitis.If, during surgery the doctor finds no appendiceal inflammation, it will cut it is still possible to prevent the disease.