Cinnamon - known throughout the world spice, created from dried and treated in a special way, the bark of the genus Cinnamomum of the family laurel.

cinnamon Types

Cinnamon and honey Most often, this ingredient can be found in the form of a hammer or as a tube of dried leaves.Cinnamon is grown and produced everywhere, but the best is considered a spice with Sri Lanka.Chinese and Malabar cinnamon is also common, well known and Cinnamon.

The above ingredient is widely used in cooking a variety of dishes, cereals, chocolate, bakery products, liquors, meat and canning.Pomace oil of cinnamon leaves is used in perfumes, cosmetics, and medicine - it's cold medicines, ointments, perfumes and so on.The composition of spices coming off a lot of various elements, the most famous of which - iron, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and essential oils.

freshness of the above product determined by the flavor - than it is thicker and stronger, the better.Store Cinnamon is recommended in a dry and dark place in an airtight package, so i

t does not erode.

Useful properties of cinnamon to the body

beneficial properties of cinnamon has long been confirmed by numerous studies, both ancient scientists and modern physicians from around the world.

Cinnamon Slimming

above described seasoning widely used in the process of losing weight.In particular, the fiber composition include cinnamon, and activating the intestines to help overcome constipation.In addition, the beautiful aroma of juicy spices helps ease the craving for food and calms the nervous system, protecting it from stress and overeating.

addition, aforesaid means normalizes the digestive tract, as well as processes induces cleavage of sugars in the body, and their transformation into useful glucose.

Recipes with cinnamon for weight loss

Basic recipes slimming with cinnamon:

  • Add a cup of yogurt a little pinch of cinnamon, mix well the solution and drink it on an empty stomach, three times a day for one glass of funds.
  • Add the teapot 1 tspcinnamon, good brew it compre with black or green tea and drink throughout the day.
  • strong coffee in a cup, add 2 grams of cinnamon, mix and consume like a normal drink.
  • Add cinnamon to your favorite dishes can be quite a bit less than ¼ tspper serving.
  • If you do not have skin lesions, no dermatitis, tumors and varicose veins, it is possible to make hot honey wrap with cinnamon.Take 100 grams of honey, ½ spoon of cinnamon, mix thoroughly and apply a thin layer on the film, and then wrap the problematic place for one hour.

Cinnamon in diseases

most famous medical use of cinnamon is in three main active ingredients of the spice - tsinnamiletsetate, brown aldehydes and alcohols.They are a natural combination allows you to effectively deal with blood clots and high cholesterol in the blood.

widely used ingredient in the treatment of diabetes and atherosclerosis - in the first case, effectively splitting the excess sugar and reducing the susceptibility of insulin injections, and the second - reducing cholesterol stocks.

cinnamon is effective against liver disease and choleretic system, since it has a pronounced choleretic effect, and systemic antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties.In addition, cinnamon activates a large number of receptors normalize brain activity, strengthens the sense of smell and visual perception due to the presence in the composition of magnesium, calcium and iron.

Cinnamon in perfumery

The perfume often use cinnamon oil obtained by direct extraction of the corresponding tree leaves.Spicy flavor adds a special oriental fragrance perfumes and antibacterial components are well manifest themselves in ointments and creams.

harm and contraindications cinnamon

Every medal has two sides.Cinnamon may have a negative impact on health, but only if a certain circumstance, especially in overdose.If you use more than one tablespoon of herbs in the day, all the potential benefits literally crossed out the phenomenon of accumulation in the body of coumarin.In a large dose of coumarin may cause liver hepatitis, provoke migraine, as well as to induce uterine contractions, which is dangerous for pregnant women.

recommended to choose exactly Ceylon cinnamon production - and other Chinese counterparts are not so useful, less pronounced in taste context and contain ten times more coumarin than Ceylon Spice Classic.

Useful video

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