Hello, dear readers.Today we talk about such a useful product like a walnut.Benefits and harms of treatment and use, we also consider.Now is certainly not the season of walnuts, but they are literally in a month, two, three, please us the harvest.This year we have a lot of nuts as ever.We recently visited my mother brought a small bag of nuts, and then we're out. Nuts course of last year, but delicious.We keep them in the shell, and to the extent necessary, we purify them from the shell of the nucleus.
I always bowl of nuts on the table is, I had them every morning in a little porridge eating.And cakes bake with nuts, baklava, salads do.

Mom in the yard is growing walnut, this year more than ever, a lot of nuts, of course they are still green, but the fall will be a good harvest.Walnut also called Voloshskaya nuts, royal walnut.And all because that useful properties it is similar to pine nuts, and is ten times cheaper.

Today, just purified from the shell walnuts and I had the idea to write about the

benefits and dangers of walnut, I immediately ran for the camera, took a couple of pictures of nuts.Unfortunately my mother nuts not photographed when she stayed, well, nothing the next time, and that I and so always and everywhere with a camera go, as much as the song recalled: "I am always with you take your camcorder» ...

Let's all the same will understandthan the useful walnut, and how is it harmful?

Walnut benefits.

  • walnut kernels contain vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, iron, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt and other trace elements.It also contains protein, fat, fatty oil, tannins.
  • kernels are very rich in vitamin C and vitamin C walnuts, black currants exceed 8 times and 50 times citrus fruits.
  • Kernels are not only tasty, but also very highly nutritious, 1 kilogram of fruit contains 8500 calories.
  • oil walnut kernels rich in linoleic acid, this acid reduces the cholesterol content in the blood serum.
  • 50 grams of walnut kernels decided to eat for people with high acidity of gastric juice.
  • kernels is very useful to use in food for diabetics and people suffering from atherosclerosis.
  • Fruits of walnut very good restoring forces of the body after a serious illness.
  • They eat to improve digestion.
  • Also, they are used in avitaminosis.
  • Walnut is also called "brain food", its core very well affect the mental activity of man.
  • Walnut strengthens the immune system.
  • strengthens blood vessels and capillaries.
  • Due to high content of iodine, walnut is useful for the treatment of the thyroid gland.
  • Walnuts useful to eat with reduced hemoglobin in the blood.On what other products increase the hemoglobin in the blood, read my article here.
  • Very good restoring forces of the body.

But useful walnut, not only the kernel, for treatment in folk medicine used leaves and partitions walnuts.

I just now blooming geranium flower I photographed walnut kernels near the blooming flowers.I love flowers, I think if the house is a lot of blooming flowers in the house once in a special way become comfortable.

Walnut is not only useful but also harmful, let us now consider it harmful and contraindications.

Walnut harm.

  • Walnut harmful for people with increased blood clotting.
  • In psoriasis, urticaria, eczema and diathesis.
  • Harmful walnut pancreatitis.
  • In acute intestinal diseases.

How to store walnuts?

autumn when ripe walnuts they begin to fall.My parents usually once they are collected and dried.Otherwise, if walnuts are not their core drier will be bitter.They can be expanded with a thin layer in a dry place.My parents were dried them over the stove, over there a shelf to dry dishes.

Then when walnuts dry their shift in the bag or carton and store in a dry place.My parents, for example, store them in the attic.

Keep their best in the shell.Kernels quickly become bitter, as oil, which contains kernels to air quickly oxidized.On this clean them as necessary, and let them be in the shell.

If you buy nuts in the market, then buy it is best not shelled nuts, so they will be better kept.Once you ask the seller to split a pair of walnut to make sure that the nut inside is not bloomed, not rotten, not black.If you liked the look of the nuclei try walnut kernel also taste.If you are all arranged and nuts you like, you can easily buy them.

Walnut, benefit and harm, we reviewed now let's look at the use and treatment of walnut.


Walnut is very widely used not only in cooking but also in folk medicine, and is used not only the kernel, but also leaves, and walls, all the valuable walnut.

walnuts and honey is very good tool that quickly restores strength with loss of strength, helps with anemia, after a serious illness, restores power after viral and colds.Clean the walnuts and grind them, mix equal parts of honey.Take nuts with honey tablespoon before meals three times a day.

In diseases of the thyroid gland take tincture of walnut septum.You will need a vodka and nuts partitions.On the bottle of vodka is enough partitions of 6 nuts.Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, followed by infusion filter and take a tablespoon two or three times a day before meals.My mother often prepared tincture of partitions.

But for the cleansing of vessels mom preparing this mixture: mix chopped walnuts, raisins and honey in equal proportions (about 200 grams for each ingredient and add the juice of half a lemon), all mixed.She and Dad eat this mixture three times a day for a full tablespoon before meals for 20 minutes three times a day.

leaves here in folk medicine used for toothache, diarrhea, for acne, hemorrhoidal bleeding, with stomatitis, boils, angina, with frostbite.

Walnut is really a very valuable product that nature has given us.In walnut has both benefits and harm, but if you walnut is not contraindicated, then eat his health.

I wish you all the beautiful bright, positive emotions and good mood.We are surrounded by so many wonderful things, look at them.Let the summer for you to be a warm, bright and its pleasant and joyful moments filled permanently.Another shot of mine let cheer you up.