Today on the blog, I want to tell you about the oak bark, which has found its application in not only in national but also in the official medicine.Oak plant is unique and is associated with longevity oak, eternity and strength.The average duration of an oak about 400 years, it is quite a lot, is not it?The thickness of the oak barrel increases throughout his life, but the increase in the height of the last 150 years. Probably many of us have heard of oak bark, and many used it for therapeutic purposes.I suggest you remember the useful properties of oak bark.

composition of oak bark

  1. Starch, proteins, sugars, flavonoids.
  2. About 20% are tannins.
  3. About 15% are pentosans, which have anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. And about 5% - pectin.
  5. Kehitin, this substance has the ability to destroy microbes.

oak bark.Useful and therapeutic properties

  • oak bark has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • oak bark has a disinfectant, antibacterial, astringent properties.
  • Apply oak bark as an astringent with hemorr
    hoidal bleeding, as lotions, and douching.
  • Apply with dysentery and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Baths made from oak bark is used to combat excessive sweating feet and hands.
  • as lotions decoctions and infusions of oak bark is used for inflammation of the skin, burns, wounds.
  • decoctions and infusions of oak bark is used as a mouthwash in stomatitis, bad breath.
  • used to strengthen gums and gingivitis.Broth treated oral mucosa.In these diseases need to handle the mouth as often as possible.
  • oak bark used in coleitis, vaginitis, cervical erosion.
  • decoction of oak bark is used to restore hair and beauty.Use the decoction of oak bark at dandruff, used to strengthen the hair.

oak bark is an invaluable gift of nature, which is necessary to maintain our health and beauty.Let's talk in more detail on the use of oak bark.

oak bark.Application

From oak bark is prepared broths, teas and infusions.

infusion of oak bark. ready to forgive.One teaspoon of chopped oak bark, pour a glass of boiling water, infuse for one hour, drain.

decoction of oak bark. tablespoon of oak bark, pour two cups of boiling water, simmer for about 10 minutes, insist that half an hour, filter.

alcohol tincture of oak bark. One teaspoon of chopped oak bark to pour 400, insist one week, drain.

Oak bark gum for

spring, many are faced with the problem of gingivitis, the gums start to bleed, inflamed, blush.In the spring, after a long winter in our diet is not enough vitamins, the immune system is weakened, can all testify to the spring beriberi.

In addition to inclusion in the diet of vitamins and adjusting power, the mouth can rinse decoction of oak bark.Rinse your mouth as often as possible.Rinse should be 6 - 7 times a day.Oak bark perfectly removes inflammation, strengthens the gums, helps with bleeding gums.

Broth oak rinse the mouth with stomatitis and bad breath.A decoction of oak bark can be used as a rinse after you brush your teeth.

oak bark with angina

oak bark in the form of decoction is used to rinse the throat with angina.A teaspoon of oak bark pour a glass of water, boil in water bath for about 10 minutes, insist, filter and rinse the throat.Gargle need 3-4 times a day.

oak bark when sweating

oak bark is used for sweating of the feet and hands.From oak bark prepared trays.We need to take 50 grams of oak bark, and fill it with a liter of boiling water, boil for about 5 minutes, for about an hour, drain.Next, you need to pour the broth into a bowl, wash well with soap and legs, and lower legs in the broth, for at least twenty minutes.Broth for foot baths should be warm.To get rid of sweating of the feet can be 10 days after such procedures.

oak bark for diarrhea

Since oak bark has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties in folk medicine, it is used in diarrhea.With diarrhea tablespoon of oak bark pour a glass of boiled water, in a sealed container for about an hour, filter and drink the infusion of a spoonful for the day.Preparation of the infusion lasts for one day.

Oak bark hair

oak bark helps to strengthen hair and get rid of dandruff with regular use of hair dyes in a dark color.Hair becomes lush and beautiful.What to get rid of dandruff and strengthen the hair after each shampooing hair rinse decoction of oak bark.

When hair loss mix of oak bark, leaves of plantain and mint leaves in equal amounts.The resulting mixture of herbs you want to add a few tablespoons of burdock oil, heat the mixture in a water bath and apply on the scalp and hair.If long hair assemble them into a bundle.Also put on kulechek head and wrap a towel.Apply the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with shampoo and rinse hair with a decoction of oak bark.

Where to get the bark of oak

oak bark is now readily available in the pharmacy, it is already sold dried and ground.The packaging can be read as brewing and how to use oak bark.

can certainly collect oak bark itself.The most useful of the young bark of the tree, it is this bark has beneficial properties.Medicinal properties of the cortex are stored until the first leaves on the oak.Therefore, the best time to collect the oak - early spring.

oak bark.Contraindications

  • contraindicated drugs from the bark of an oak allergy or individual intolerance.
  • oak bark course of treatment should not exceed two weeks, that is 14 days.
  • If overdose of oak bark, possible nausea and vomiting.
  • During pregnancy, all questions about the use of oak bark, to better align with the doctor.
  • When constipation oak bark is contraindicated.

Oak bark helps to get rid of various diseases, but before use, be sure to consult with your doctor and read the contraindications.

Do you use oak bark for medical purposes, please share in the comments below.