Hello dear readers.Geranium therapeutic properties, today let's talk about geraniums.At me here such geranium blooms.I bought it on the market, and it was so small compared with other colors.I salesman said that if I buy this Geranium not regret, it blooms all year round and do not grow up, and a bush.So I bought and never for a moment regretted the second year there will be pleasing to the eye the beautiful flowers geranium. Most importantly, the pink color of my daughter's favorite color, so we admire the geranium flowers together.Perhaps geraniums growing among many on the windowsill.Geranium is also called "Kalachik" or "pelargonium".Geranium perfectly repels insects, and it is very important in the summer.We know from all the windows lined with geraniums, well, there it is colorful, somehow we were their guest, I broke off a process itself, but I have unfortunately it's gone.It is said to flower growing need to "coin" to give, and somehow I did not know about it.And with 7 cents, that was all.Wel

l, so they say.But I believe the signs are not much, but that's how it turned out, missing a flower.What's already played a role, the signs, the earth, the moon was not growing, when the flower sadila, well, or another reason I do not know.

Geranium plant is a perennial, leaves on long stalks round, geranium leaves have a characteristic odor.Geranium is the brightest colors and shades.But the most useful, it is considered a red geranium.Now let's look at what is therapeutic and beneficial properties have geraniums.

Geranium.Medicinal properties.

  • Geranium has antiseptic properties.
  • also geranium inherent antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • Geranium has hemostatic properties.
  • decongestant property.

If you have gastrointestinal disease, especially gastritis, plant geraniums in the house.Geranium has a beneficial effect on the body, and improves the condition of the sick person.

Geranium is just a great anti-depressant.One look at the flower improves mood, relieves stress.

A geranium leaf attached to the wrist improves heart rate, stimulates circulation.

Geranium is used at purulent wounds and ulcers and boils.To do this, geranium leaf should be 2-3 seconds to fill with boiling water, cool the sheet and put it on the problem area.All fix bandage, bandage change several times a day.

When toothache leaf geranium essential to put on the cheek from the teeth of the patient for 15 minutes, the pain subsides.But the resumption of pain repeat the procedure.

Juice from geranium leaves stops bleeding.If you have a nose bleed, you can moisten a cotton wool geranium juice and put cotton wool in the nostril.

geranium juice can be diluted with water and pour into molds for ice, then cube folk to wipe the face.Geranium heals wounds and micro cracks on the face, back face, and a healthy natural color.

For people with low blood pressure is very useful to plant geraniums with white and pink flowers.And you can read my article "How to increase the blood pressure quickly," there are more recipes from hypotension.

But red geranium will help restore vitality, improves mood.

Geranium oil has the same medicinal properties as itself geranium.It can be purchased at the pharmacy.Oil dripping into aromalompu oil perfectly disinfect the air in the room.It also has analgesic and anti-virus tool, which is important during the colds and viral diseases.

Beautiful indoor plant geraniums.The healing properties of flowers you know.But if you have an allergy or idiosyncrasy geranium, geranium flower is certainly not for you.