Hello dear readers.Lipa, medicinal properties, and the use of contra, about this we will talk with you today.This year summer we started very early, so hot right now, well, just can not breathe.Lipa this year bloomed too early, not in July and June.We were just at this time visited with my mother, she is growing under the windows of the house linden.What flavor is in the district where the linden blossoms, it is simply not pass.For me, linden honey smell. Yes, and the bees all the time circling a tree, work, collect nectar.Fragrance and beauty, could not resist ran for the camera and took a few pictures of linden blossoms in the memory of the summer.

Flowering linden tree every year, the flowering period is about 15 days.Linden flowers should be cut short in a dry campaign, and collect only those blossoms, flowers which have blossomed.Pluck only good buds.So pluck the flowers for a long occupation, besides of kilograms of raw linden flower, then when they dry remains only three hundred grams of dried

flowers.My mother and I broke off the flowers, and then dried under a canopy of spreading a thin layer on the paper.Dried flowers and even in a well-ventilated room, spread out as a thin layer on the fabric or paper.You can of course be dried in the dryer, but we unfortunately do not have a dryer.We so hot outside, so the flowers have dried fairly quickly.After, you need to collect dried flowers in cotton bag and store in a dry place.linden flowers are stored for 2 years and do not lose their curative properties.

Flowers limes are also an excellent honey plant.Bees buzzing above the tree all day from early morning to evening, work, collect sweet nectar.I, personally, really like white honey, it's so fragrant, and the taste of it a rather pleasant, it is transparent yellowish.Honey is very useful for colds.

I'm always a cold brew and the children themselves and linden tea and drink it with honey, use it mainly as an antipyretic.Tea made from linden get tasty and fragrant, for children it is a great medicine, and most importantly, it is harmless.About what folk remedies I still cope with a cold read my article here.

Let us now consider the beneficial and therapeutic properties of fragrant linden flowers.

Lipa.Medicinal properties.

  • The linden flowers contain a lot of vitamin C as well as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium.
  • Preparations of lime increases the protective functions of the body.
  • linden has diaphoretic and antipyretic properties.
  • Lipa helps with coughs, and also has expectorant properties.
  • Reduces spasms.
  • Improves metabolic processes occurring in our body.
  • Lipa lowers blood sugar, so tea from lime blossom useful in diabetes.
  • Linden flowers are very rich in essential oils, due to this they have a pleasant aroma.
  • tea from the flowers has tonic properties.
  • Linden flowers have diuretic medicinal properties, so the tea is useful in diseases of the kidneys and bladder.
  • Since the tea has a diuretic effect, the linden perfectly removes edema of any origin.
  • Linden tea very well soothes the pain in the joints.
  • Infusions of lime relieve itching, inflammation.
  • also drugs limes are an excellent tool for immunity.

This linden mom growing under the windows, even in the frame are not together, so much, in the county of it is a fragrance.He just drew the pope a swarm of bees.We went with the Pope and with the children in the woods for strawberries, back, and a swarm of bees sitting on the apple tree.Dad decided to remove them and put into the hive, even though I was terrified, so that children are not bitten bees, but nothing happened.Now the bees in the hive dad live.


linden tea is easy to prepare, I take one tablespoon of flowers spoon and pour her a glass of boiled water, just 20 minutes, add honey to taste, you can add sugar, and drink.Take lime tea can be bronchitis, colds, pneumonia, influenza, headache.

When stress lime can be brewed by mixing it with other herbs, such as mint, Melissa, with motherwort in a ratio of 1: 1, then I make, spoon herbs in a glass of boiling water, and drain.You can drink this as a tea infusion throughout the day.Sometimes I cook myself a tea, but I mostly mix lime with mint, tea soothes a fine.

My mother headache still breathes the fragrance of lime, puts his forehead linden flowers, which preliminary it kneads in hand.

If you have stiff joints, I can you recommend a good agent.We need to take a good handful of linden flowers and pour a glass of boiling water.Next, the color a little squeeze and attached to the joints, pain and swelling goes away.Only the top of the linden put a piece of cellophane and a towel, keep the compress until linden cool.

If you are interested in the topic treatment of joint traditional methods, you can read my article.I wrote a little earlier about the joints.

Linden is also very widely used in cosmetology.Flower Broth rinse hair after washing, wipe the face, inflammation, when scars.Rub the body with insect bites.Prepare the broth is simple.Two tablespoons linden on half a liter of water, put on fire and boil for about 10 minutes, we insist about an hour and filter the broth.


As such contraindications have no limes.Just remember that the use of lime tea needed for therapeutic purposes, every day, and instead of tea should not drink it.Do not apply lime if you are hypersensitive, if you are allergic to drugs linden.Also lime tea may provide an additional strain on the heart.

Lipa really a medicinal plant, and has virtually no contraindications.Now you know the healing properties of limes.I hope that on the linden information will be useful to you.