Hello dear readers.Recently read how to get rid of hiccups, caught my eye this information.Something immediately remembered my mother as a child said that it is necessary to say with hiccups."Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedotov, with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob at all."But it does not always work.We had to look for different ways of how to quickly get rid of hiccups.When hiccups begin to try all of the methods that will help, yes.Today I want to understand the causes of hiccups and how to deal with it.

involuntary sounds attract attention, stir speak and breathe normally.Stir in the most inopportune moment, before the exam, the beginning of a business meeting, before a date and other events.Ambient sometimes begin to tease ikayuschim man.Of course it's not out of malice, but a man who started a hiccup, not joking.

Causes of hiccups.Why do people hiccup?

Friends and relatives are always hiccups when told that when a man has hiccups, it someone remembers.Is it so?Once you start going over in my head all t

hose who can remember about you.From my own experience I can say that it works sometimes, but very rarely.

As the doctors say that the hiccups completely normal physiological effect.Hiccup occurs as a result of seizure reduction diaphragm and chest muscles.And at some point there is an abrupt closure of the glottis, which is accompanied by the sound that we hear when Icahn, so even with an involuntary shudder of the body.

Thus, our body gets rid of trapped air in the stomach during a meal.And as soon as air flows out, the hiccups stopped.

So, for whatever reason, can also be a hiccup.

  • Hiccup person can fright, stress, with waves.
  • hiccups can often occur due to overeating.
  • A could still be due to the fact that we are in a hurry and ate quickly, ie in a hurry in the food.
  • Oddly enough, but hiccup can occur from hypothermia.
  • Also, prolonged awkward body posture can cause hiccups.

Hiccups for these reasons, is rare and she runs pretty fast.To quickly passed a hiccup for you to hold your breath or to drink water in small sips.

But there are other causes of hiccups that come as a consequence of different diseases.

Hiccups may be accompanied by painful sensations.The case can be after a meal and a consequence of diseases of internal organs.It is an inflammatory process or even a tumor.

  • Hiccups may be due to an abnormality in the central nervous system.
  • When preinfarction condition.
  • When malfunction of the brain or spinal cord.

If there is a hiccup for several days and is accompanied by heartburn, chest pain and pain when swallowing, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

also hiccups can occur when alcohol abuse, which aggressively affects the gastrointestinal tract.Alcohol is a powerful toxin that enters the body adversely affects not only the work of the stomach, but also on the work of the brain.In such cases, in order to quickly get rid of hiccups is recommended to induce vomiting.

By hiccups may cause the use of effervescent or carbonated beverages, especially during meals.Also, frequent and excessive drinking cold drinks.Carbon dioxide getting into the stomach is inflated stomach, plus the temperature factor, that is cold, can cause hiccups.

What causes hiccups in some diseases.

Hiccups may occur in otherwise healthy people due to overeating usually occurs after the feast, ie, a heavy meal.And if it happens all the time, it is diagnosed as gipermotornaya dyskinesia.Gastric juice passes from the stomach into the esophagus causing heartburn, cough, hiccup, sore throat.What should I do to get rid of heartburn, you can see the article "Treatment of heartburn folk remedies".

Violation of the lower portion of the sphincter activity may be caused by gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.Also, taking a large amount of food is called overeating, failure to comply with the regime of the day.

In diseases of the digestive organs need to consult a doctor, as a rule, the doctor prescribes treatment, and as one of the recommendations is the fractional and frequent meals, comply with the regime of the day, not smoking, alcohol, coffee, dark chocolate, sour, bitter, fizzy drinks.In addition, you should not wear constricting clothing and tight belts.

In case of violation of light activity may be somnolence, hiccups, yawning.When cervical-thoracic radiculitis affects the spinal cord roots and increases the tone of the diaphragm, liver, resulting in shifting down, there is a feeling of a lump in the throat, in consequence there is a hiccup.

How to quickly get rid of hiccups in the home.

There are quite a few ways by which at home can be fast enough to get rid of hiccups.

Get rid of hiccups helps piece of sugar or a small slice of lemon.Put a slice of lemon or a piece of sugar under the tongue.Sugar or lemon you need to slowly dissolve.

  • also helps get rid of hiccups breath.To do this, breathe deeply and hold your breath for a while.
  • Drink water in small sips.That is, drink water in small sips.This method also quickly relieves hiccups, but not always.
  • You can also tilt the head back literally ten seconds, and then slowly in small sips to drink water.
  • Here Hippocrates, for example, to get rid of hiccups recommended sneeze.
  • can slowly inhale and exhale the air at intervals.
  • many more helps to get rid of hiccups this way.It is necessary to put out the language as much as possible in advance, to hold just twenty seconds.
  • Also, people say that to get rid of hiccups need to scare the man, but this method is extreme.Funk, it is still not a joke.
  • Swallow anything bitter or sour.
  • betting money.It sounds funny, but there is a rapid relief from hiccups.If someone started to hiccup, we can put in front of the man and money to sign him to bet money.
  • Take hands behind his back, locked in the castle, and drink water in small sips, which keeps the other person.
  • more help to get rid of hiccups "sports technique."When you need to do push-ups or hiccups rock press.

If hiccups occur regularly, and even accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, as well as the last, and does not stop for over an hour, it is a chance to see a doctor.

These are the ways to get rid of hiccups I have found.I hiccups when I drink water in small sips, trying to sort out in my head who I remember, remember the words "Hic-hic go to Fedotov, with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob at all."I know it sounds all pretty funny, but the main thing is effective, do not know which way to help get rid of the hiccups, because I remember everything at once, it would be desirable to hiccups went faster.

Surely you have your own methods of dealing with hiccups.I would be glad if you share them in the comments below.After all, everyone picks up something that helps him to quickly get rid of hiccups.