Hello dear readers.Today I want to tell you what is useful mint tea.It's summer, and there was a fresh mint, I love the smell and taste.Peppermint tea with honey is generally something.Very tasty, healthy and flavored drink is obtained.This drink perfectly soothes and, as they say, brings thoughts in order.But all is good in moderation, often mint tea, I do not drink.

On the blog, I already have an article on mint, very detailed article where I describe its beneficial properties, treatment, harm and contraindications.Read all you can see "Mint, useful properties".Mint grows in my mother in her garden.What's there to grow, increasing bush mint, lemon balm bush, peonies, roses and many other different colors.But the beauty of which, here's where you can relax body and soul.

Mint is now available over the counter, ready-made dry, but it is possible to dry himself.Even if you have no garden, you can buy a mint on the market and dry.In my opinion today, any vegetables, fruits and herbs can be found all

year round.

fresh mint I simply add in a cup, pour boiled water, and drink.You can add a sprig, and you can mint leaves.You can add a sprig of mint in the teapot, where do you usually make tea, your tea will acquire a unique taste and aroma.

Mint tea.Benefit.Properties.

  • I note the cooling property of mint tea, which is very important on hot days.It is thanks to the menthol content in the sheets of mint, mint and has the characteristic taste and aroma.
  • Apply mint tea as a sedative and analgesic under stress, with nervous overexcitation.
  • Peppermint tea is very useful to use with stomach cramps and intestines, as this drink has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Peppermint tea with honey is useful to use at any colds.
  • Mint tea drink with migraines and headaches, hypertension.
  • Peppermint tea is used for nausea.
  • Mint tea has a calming effect on the nervous system, so it is helpful to drink at night insomnia.It is best to drink it in combination with honey.
  • Helps is a drink with a cold.If nasal congestion eases nasal breathing.

In our modern world, where stress is a normal thing, to cope with stress can help a cup of mint tea.Peppermint tea helps to calm down and relax.Besides this natural medicine.

Let you consider, whether the mint tea contraindications, as well as what kind of damage it can bring to our body.

Mint tea.Harm.Contraindications.

  • Mint harmful to people who have low blood pressure.Since the mint tea is soothing and can further reduce the pressure.
  • Regarding the reception of mint tea during pregnancy and lactation, in this issue you need to get your doctor's go-ahead.
  • can be drowsiness, so abused mint tea is not the case of excessive consumption of mint tea.
  • If you are hypersensitive or allergic mint from mint tea will have to give.

Be wise, do not get too carried away mint tea, drink a cup of mint tea.At the same time, if you have dry mint, then follow the dosage.Usually, I brew a full teaspoon of chopped herbs on half a liter of boiling water.Since teaspoon of mint in a glass, in my opinion, is too concentrated tea.

Peppermint tea with honey.

Mint tea improves digestion, relieves headaches, helps relieve nervous tension and calm down.Mint tea can be both in cold as well as warm.In the summer when it is hot, you can drink a cold mint tea with honey, and you can add lemon, and ginger, and lemon balm.Generally speaking, all to suit every taste.

winter course is very useful mint tea with honey in hot form.If you wish to drink, you can add lemon, mint tea, it will give some juicy acidity.And this tea is very useful for colds and flu.

Oh honey at all possible to write odes to how useful it is, and is rich in vitamins and trace elements.Honey replace sugar, I like to drink mint tea with a bit of sugar with honey.But, remember that honey is also a fairly high-calorie product.You can add a spoonful of honey in the tea straight.

Honey has always been used as a fortifying agent.As a means of helping to cope with insomnia and calm.To do this, add a spoonful of honey and chamomile tea, and boiled milk, in mint tea.Any of the drink beverage overnight.

Mint tea.Benefits and harms to women and men.

Mint tea carries some benefit for pregnant women, as it helps to cope with toxemia.Though peppermint tea and drink is natural, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy.Therefore, it is wise to consult with your doctor on this issue.

also recommended not to give mint tea young children, at least, should not be given to children under 5 years of age.

A cup of mint tea will help relieve fatigue and relax after a busy day.Although many blogs on the Internet I read that invigorating mint tea and drink it must be in the morning, I personally he does not invigorates and soothes.

But men mint tea is not very useful, especially at night, as it soothes and if you had plans for the evening, they can be and are not embodied in reality.

Brewing mint tea.

Special tricks when brewed mint tea there.I usually add a sprig of fresh mint, a cup of boiled water, add honey to taste and drink.

can add a sprig of mint in a teapot to green tea, which you brew tea.This tea can be drunk at any time of the day.

If you have dry mint, then there are no tricks, too.Usually brew 1 teaspoon chopped mint in a glass of boiling water, but I brew on half a liter, insist again honey to taste and drink tea.

addition of mint tea I love tea and lemon balm.Melissa has a distinct lemon flavor and a pleasant smell.Read more about Melissa read in my article "Melissa useful properties".

Use mint tea is obvious, but before the application of mint tea read the contraindications, so as not to harm their health.