- What time?- Five minutes to fall ... That was over the summer.The beginning of autumn.Our children grow up, the new school year begins.We are getting older and wiser ...

I really like all the seasons of the year, too, with each passing year.But autumn is particularly warm, wonderful, somewhere sad and truly wonderful.wins hearts Autumn variety of colors, kurlykane departing cranes, whispering foliage ... Autumn gives us a special state of mind.It's so nice to walk in the autumn park, a breath of freshness, poshurshat foliage, which paved with all tracks and paths.Do not know about you, but I fall is only the warmest feelings and impressions.

Autumn consists of three months.Gentle September rainy October and piercingly cold November.Each month has its positive aspects.

How nice to look at the fall of the fruit trees, the branches of which are inclined to the earth with the fruit.This apple, pear, plum ... decorating our gardens.Grape brush, iridescent in the rays of the bright autumn sun.

autumn is always an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, mushrooms ... I really liked the picture of Vladimir Janaki "Generous Autumn".

far as the author has transferred the entire depth, the whole beauty of autumn.Showing autumn is truly generous, warm and beautiful.

so much emotion and excitement arises when you look at this picture.Since my childhood in the countryside.This picture to me in a special way close.When looking at her intertwined together so much emotion.Joy, sadness, kindness, beauty, sadness ...

How beautiful autumn woods!In the forest, pleasing to the eye bright red rose hips on a background of colorful autumn leaves.Blue with silver overflow, blackthorn fruit, fruit viburnum, hawthorn, mountain ash.Forest in autumn rainy days pleases abundance of mushrooms.

Autumn is rich with the beauty and gifts.Striking autumn depth and splendor of shades and colors: yellow, gold, red, orange, purple ... We are pleased with its aroma autumn flowers: asters, marigolds, dahlias, chrysanthemums ...

Autumn favorite season of poets, writers, artists, photographers ...who are trying to portray all the beauty, convey the "depth" and "emotions" of autumn.It was at this time nature is truly beautiful.So many emotions joy, sadness, sorrow, tenderness, charm ...

She found a poem on the Internet.Really I do not know who the author of these fine lines.Poems written about autumn is very much, as well as to paint a picture.But these lines I liked ...

Autumn flowers ...

Autumn flowers ...
Burgundy, yellow, red
Autumn flowers are beautiful in their own way.
The gardens have long pestreyut dahlias,
And marigolds
creek along the narrow paths

last flowers light warmed the soul
natural goodness.Thank you for this.
Autumn flowers - soul charm,
in their joy and sadness,
and fall of breath.

Fall has just begun, so we all still have time to enjoy the beauty of autumn.A great time of year.Walk in the woods or the park, to carry out from there with a bit of autumn in his memoirs ...

With great trepidation by the fall are first-graders and their parents, because in this period, a new stage of their lives.Our daughter is in third grade and is also very worried.For her, too, a new stage, it has become a year older.Although it is not first class, but on September 1 is very exciting event.

wanted today cordiality, warmth and emotion.Each time, I try to find something special and unique.In fact, my favorite time of year - winter.But the one time of the year is replaced by another.Each season gives us a special unique emotions and impressions.The most important thing to learn to notice the beauty around you.

On the blog I have the heading "positive psychology", where I plan to share their notes, joy, positive, and his "understanding of things" of life that excite many.

Write what you are experiencing emotions with the onset of autumn.How do you perceive this time of year.)))