Hello dear readers.On Sunday, we are the children decided to relax a bit and went to the mall.There are holiday MC.Well, we have got before Hellouvinom crafts and of course all this, or almost all, were on this topic.Now I think, do not guess more photos.Do not worry, we were promised that they would also make different crafts before the New Year.

all made of paper, colored cardboard, felt, corrugated paper, lace, thread.But the children so excited that just can not be conveyed in words. Every weekend we have in the shopping center are free master classes.Between points with clothes, accessories are tables.That approach to each, which is backed by the teacher and ask what they will do in the near future.If you like, what you suggest is to stay and do.

Just could not help but share with you this beauty.We made pumpkin owl.This product made of felt, cut out the pattern and glue all the details.Dog of the paper.The flowers we wanted to make a daughter, they pleated paper.Bat out of thread and colored c

ardboard.Very simply and quickly done.Yarn wound on a 3 finger, lift.Assign the center thread, trim the edges, so that the ball was released from the thread.From colored cardboard cut 2 wings and head.All glued and ready.

And they did also handbags, owl, houses, flowers, and more.Almost all begin at the same time.But it takes 4-5 hours for lunch interval.Once we were on the 2 MC and went about his business, and yesterday we certainly running around.To visit all the MC's really all you need to do quickly.

Come high school students, they certainly have time to do everything.I had to help the younger the child, but the daughter did everything herself.But they really enjoyed it.And girls who show himself MC, a very good and positive.My son even had a meet and make friends.Yesterday became friends with another girl.

And of course, as soon Halloween, and yesterday the theme was appropriate.Only we did not have enough orange paper pumpkin, because wanting to make such beauty was a lot.So tykovku had to do from the green paper, but still came out beautifully.

all carved from samples kleish and you're done.And of course, that you all show how and what to do.Most importantly, the children liked.We arrived home late in the evening.So we spent the day usefully.

Hellouvin When I looked on the Internet, because we do not celebrate this holiday.October 31, 2014 Halloween.As they say, that it falls on the same day of the year.Celebrating it on the eve of All Saints' Day.What do you think about this holiday?