I want to congratulate all the readers of the blog on the upcoming holiday Epiphany.This is one of pure and bright Orthodox holidays.Very soon the Epiphany, namely on 19 January.Christening set in memory of the day when Jesus Christ came to the river Jordan to John the Baptist to be baptized.In people, this festival has two names "Baptism" and "Epiphany."

We have this winter was very warm, the snow was not even on the New Year, but the Baptism, a special holiday.On Epiphany in any year in the court of frost.
What holiday is approaching felt yesterday, I went to pick up daughter from school, home gloves forgotten.And going back from school, and then frost grows stronger and the hand begin to freeze, the evening ran out to the store was even colder.It is not for nothing that, on Epiphany is always cold, popularly referred to as "Epiphany frosts."And frosts are considered the "strong".

One of the traditions at Baptism is swimming in the hole.Frankly, the thought has become somehow not on itself.This y

ear, just do not dare to swim in an ice hole.

on the river or lake is cut Phillips polynya and people bathe in this water.After all believers means bathing in the acquisition of special grace.

Every year January 19 a lot of people go to church to collect holy water.Typed water in Baptism does not spoil the day for many years.This water is carefully preserved as a relic.But if a person for some reason can not go to church to get water.That water gain of a conventional reservoir.It is believed that at the Baptism of all the water on earth sanctified.Water Baptism is typed on a special power, it is possible to wash, sprinkle the corners of the house, even to cure wounds.

Drink it should be fasting Vodicka helps heal spiritual and physical illness.But if a man touched his lips to the neck of the bottle, this water is not a saint.I wash my holy water baby, when the baby is crying and "not calm", I pour a little water in your hand and wash the child.I noticed that the child calms down.

holy water are best kept in a glass container, even if you have typed it in a plastic bottle it necessarily need to pour in a bottle or in a glass bottle because the water can not be stored in plastic.

Epiphany celebration begins on January 18, this day is called Epiphany Eve.Before the holiday is accepted to comply with a strict fast.Gala Dinner in Epiphany Eve before consisted of meatless dishes, and obligatory dish was Kutya, now this tradition is practically not observed.

Baptism.Folk traditions.

Previously, there were different traditions, such as Baptism was made to release doves as a sign of divine grace.

in the hole, or the river had to be cut down with wormwood, and certainly it was decorated with fir branches.

Early in the morning on Epiphany all went to the river, was considered than before zacherpnesh water from the river, the better.

While the women set the table for the holiday Epiphany, owner of the house sprinkled the house, pets, poultry holy water.

Signs on Epiphany.

If Baptism cold weather and clear, the summer will be dry.

And if cloudy and snowy weather, it promises a good harvest.

Starry Night Baptism, so summer will be dry.

Baptism If the wind picks up, it indicates that the summer will be stormy.

These are the traditions of the feast Epiphany.Tomorrow, 19 January, my husband and I go to draw water, and every year he is required to bathe in the hole.But, remember that swim without special training can be dangerous.We are responsible for your health and it is our choice.