Hello dear readers.Today I present to you the first contest work.Painted wooden box, a master class with the photo, which was prepared for us Anja Koroljuk.Drawing on the box is very delicate and beautiful.Thank you, Anna, for a step by step wizard class.Now a lot of painted wooden products are on sale.Itself did not often seen at fairs, in the shopping center for the holidays, people sell their work.But the work is really worthy and very beautiful.Do not pass by these painted things, they attract attention and look.You look at these works and you realize that you can learn a lot in the life of so many interesting things.Let's get acquainted closer with Anya, and see a master class, happy to give the floor to Ana.

Koroljuk Anna Y. was born June 28, 1987 in the city of Stakhanov the Luhansk region.The artist - painter and teacher, participant of city, regional, republican and personal exhibitions in Stakhanov, Lugansk, Donetsk and Kiev.

Education - 1998 - 2001 he.- Folk art studio at Palace of Cultu

re Gorky, the Stakhanov (Head - Laytaruk AP);2002 - 2007 gg.- Lugansk College of Culture and Arts;2007 - 2012 gg.- Lugansk State Institute of Culture and Arts.

g.- Since 2013 member of the Donetsk youth association of young artists.It works in different styles and directions: painting, icon painting, decorative folk art, Easter eggs, graphic.

also uses a variety of techniques and materials: oil, watercolor, acrylic, tempera, pastel, mixed technique.In the work there are a variety of genres: landscape, still life, portrait, scene composition.

painting wooden casket

My master - a class can be useful to anyone interested in fine art, decorative art, and just all creative people.To do this, the master - a class you need lacquered wooden box (available to cover the surface of the box with any paint because the paint looks better on this surface).

Oil paint (paint can be purchased individually or set only the desired color), soft natural brush number 1, number 3, number 5, as well as thinner for oil paints (can anyone, even linseed oil).

important to note that this figure to box better looking only using oil paints, because they are very flexible, they can easily fix the error, and still they never go out of fashion for a long time and maintain their properties.

Getting Started, you can schedule a little pencil drawing, but you can not just paint it, because the pattern is very simple.

Root central main flower peach-colored buds at the bottom of two of the same color on the sides of the large four-leaf bright green color.

For large forms you will need to brush more, the paint can be mixed on the palette.

Then you schedule more one twig to the buds on both sides, as well as adding one large leaflets also on both sides.

Immediately you can add a small brush around the small leaves.

you should have symmetrical flower buds in the center of the main flower, and now you can add all the smallest details.

Brown lines in the figure are executed very thin brush at the end.

So, the drawing is ready, but it should be dry for a few days, it does not need to touch.

When it dries, it can be top coated with varnish, to better preserve.

Such painted casket can be used for storing jewelry, personal items, etc.

And the best part is that it is decorated with his own hands and with love!Creative success to you!

Well, I want to remind that the competition continues.If you want to participate in it, to show their work and receive cash prizes, check out the competition "Creative competition step by step wizard class".And send your work with pictures on my email.