Hello dear readers.Very soon winter.And honestly, I love winter, and always look forward to the onset of winter.I love when a lot of snow, all around nice, quiet, calm, all white-white.A New Year's holidays, this is a separate issue.These holidays like both children and adults, all of them are looking forward to.In anticipation of the winter, I decided to make a card in scrapbooking techniques and show you a master class.Ideas come suddenly, and I try to translate them into reality.Postcards from me, I would say, winter.But it is possible to give to friends as New Year holidays, and the day of birth, if someone in the winter.

I love red, so the cards I made with red roses.I am very happy to share with you the ideas.discoveries, master classes, their achievements.

The contrast of red and white looks wonderful, and adds tenderness of the card, I would say, festive look.How to make a rose her hands out paper, I have shared on the blog.It is not difficult.There's a master class.But I also buy a small r

osettes in the store.

All materials for the manufacture of cards I buy in the store for needlework, as well as in store for creativity.You can order on Aliekspress or online stores.

Postcard in the art scrapbooking happy birthday, master class

For making cards need:

  • sided paper
  • cardboard cards
  • corrugated cardboard
  • sprigs, roses, "berries in sugar»
  • leaves
  • glue gun
  • green sisal

Today I want to show you two master classes.I made two cards, one technique.The truth is the same card, I did not want to do, so they are a little different, but each card by its beauty.

I took two red roses and a single red flower with stamens inside.Cut curved scissors circle of yellow paper.Rolled half sheet of white cardboard, A4 format.Stick a gold sticker on the edge.

cut off corrugated board, I have it brown.Cardboard 12 to 18 cm. Glued to the cardboard card using hot glue.

Below pasting yellow circle, side piece design board.I host sisal and pasting too.

Cézanne bought a long time ago, when engaged in the manufacture of corrugated paper flowers.Recently, I remembered that I have sisal in the box, why not use it for postcards in scrapbooking style.

The postcards sisal looks very interesting.Glued "fruit sugar".Also pasting branches and roses.

Flowers put a lot of time for the card, you want to get really masterpiece.Feet in white roses cut off with scissors.We have branches and flowers in every shop selling handicrafts.

glued green leaves of paper to the card.Leaflets do of thick double-sided paper.Making them is easy.

Here, in fact, the first version of the card.True inscription on his birthday is not taped.

On the edge of roses and green leaves need to touch a brush with white acrylic paint, but do it a little later.And now the second workshop for the production of cards in scrapbooking technique.

husband liked more the first option cards than the second, because of the contrast.But, for me, each card is beautiful in its own way.

Postcard in the art scrapbooking

For making cards, we need:

  • cardboard
  • corrugated cardboard white
  • leaves
  • flowers
  • «berries in sugar»
  • sprigs
  • red ribbon polka dots
  • sisal
  • glue gun

As you can see, all the same as in the first version, but I took a white corrugated cardboard ribbon and polka dots.

paper cards in my cream.We turn off sheet of A4 half.Glue hot glue a piece of corrugated cardboard 13 by 16 cm. Cardboard strips are not horizontally and vertically in the first and in the second embodiment.

to the upper edge of the cards I stick the ribbon.Glued not just strip and tucking.As in the photo.Excess tape is cut off, and folded the glue onto the card.

At the top right edge of the I place Cézanne, flowers and berries.In my opinion, very nice, I will stick.

glued with hot glue twigs, berries, roses and leaves.

encouraged to work very carefully with hot glue, so as not to burn yourself as the glue is very hot.You can make a postcard with your children, it is like exercise.When I make a postcard, the daughter sits down, and also makes your postcard.

That's the beauty of turns.Found in one shop we have the red "berries in sugar", we direct the "boom" of some in the decor.These flowers, twigs and berries yet for pins and hoops are used, here and buy.Yellow lot, but red is not found.Probably in high demand.

inscription on the card, "Happy birthday," I also did not stick long.Then you can paste any inscription on the anniversary, mom, dad, friend, girlfriend.To me, it looks like a Christmas card.At the tutor just born in the winter, and day card in a style quite good, even a gift)))

And now ready both card and you can walk along the edge of the leaves of roses and white acrylic paint.

daughter making photos, because I myself with one hand can not be photographed, and the daughter of well-produced.And she wants to take pictures.)))

Well, now you can share your joy.We got two lovely greeting card.Very bright, saturated, and each is beautiful in its own way.

Say what?My husband stuck to his opinion, and he liked the first version of the card.And you?

very grateful to you for reading my master class to the end.Always happy to share with you interesting ideas in the manufacture of cards.

Maybe I'm not a big pro for the production of cards.I'm just learning))) But try as for me it's fun, exciting.And anyway, it's a good time.Especially when you are born beautiful card.

to do what like, from what you enjoy.I wish you all the tenderness, love, wisdom, respect, understanding, harmony)))