Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about the essential oil of orange.Get it by pressing oil from orange peel.Very bright orange fruit.Looking at it already lifted the mood.orange oil smells very nice, it has a yellow-orange color.Saturated scent of orange oil improves mood, helps to "fight" with depression, gives vitality.It was in the winter of orange essential oil can help relieve stress, fill with vital energy.

The only disadvantage of this oil is that it has kept all half a year since opening.Store orange oil is better in a cool place.But for the entire winter and spring it will be enough.The range of applications of this oil is wide enough, it will apply for the hair and skin.Apply in the fight against cellulite as well as the essential oil of grapefruit.Drip oil in aroma lamp, aromakulon enrich butter cream and shampoos.

Caution - essential oil of orange phototoxicity.You can not go out in the sun, if you struck it on the skin, you need to wait at least an hour.

Should this oil is relat

ively not expensive, all this is due to the availability of raw materials.But neroli oil, which is derived from orange blossom, is considered one of the most expensive essential oils in the world, along with rose oil.

orange essential oil properties and applications.

orange oil is used for edema, cellulite, with fluid retention, acute respiratory diseases, headache and muscle pain.

This oil has proved itself in cosmetology.It is used for all skin types, oil suitable for oily, normal, dry skin.Orange essential oil helps reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity, whiten skin.

  • oil orange wonderful antiseptic.
  • Helps eliminate spasms.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Also this oil is considered a good antidepressant.
  • Oil perfectly tones.
  • helps reduce the temperature.

But, in addition, orange oil disinfects the air in the room increases mood and performance, eliminates odors in the house.

orange essential oil is good antiseptic, and if SARS can be done with this oil inhalation.In a glass of hot water a few drops of oil, to breathe over the steam for five minutes.

with periodontitis, stomatitis, inflammation of the gums drop of orange oil in a glass of water, with the solution rinse the mouth.

For skin use orange oil to enrich their cream or tonic.The oil stimulates blood flow to the cells, increases skin regeneration.The skin becomes firmer and reduce wrinkles.

H e recommended sweet orange oil with low blood pressure, and people who are allergic to citrus.

orange oil comes to help in the fight against cellulite.It can be added to the anti-cellulite cream or mixed with grape seed oil.

orange oil improves the elasticity of the skin, removes toxins and wastes from the body, reduces swelling.At home with orange oil can make honey massage.To do this, connect three spoons of honey with a spoonful of fine sea salt and 4-5 drops of orange oil.But, honey massage is contraindicated in varicose veins, vascular mesh on the skin, with the blood clots and wounds on the skin.

Dosage orange oil

Aromatic bath (no more than 6 drops per bath).
Application in incenses (3 to 5 drops per 15 sq. Meters of space).
Massage with essential oil of orange (not more than 10 drops of oil on 20 g of the cosmetic product to which it is mixed).
Application in the bath, sauna (10 drops orange oil of 15 sq. Meters).
friction with joint pains, neuralgia, myositis (7 to 8 drops per 10 g basis).
Enrichment of shampoo for dry hair and dandruff with (on a basis of 10 g 5 drops of oil).For saturation
cosmetics (15 g basic drug, such as cleansing milk or cream, 5 drops orange oil).

Orange oil has a delicate aroma of the noble.Cheap oil, which are sold in pharmacies in the order of lower quality.Therefore, pay attention to the price and producer.The list of companies that produce high-quality oil can be found in the article "My essential oils".

As the oil oxidizes quickly, store it in the refrigerator, as well as to be sure to keep the bottle firmly closed.

Apply orange essential oil in its pure form it is impossible, as it can cause skin burns.

orange oil helps to recover from the disease, increases self-esteem, self-confidence, promotes kindness to others, oil relieves stress with anxiety and stress.