Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about hair.That is why hair falls out?I think that many have faced this problem.Hair reflects the state of our physical and mental health.On the day we can lose up to a hundred hair and this is considered normal if the hair fall out in large numbers, there needs professional help.Data issues are handled by a physician trichologist.

active hair loss is one of the signs of malfunction or disease of the body.Therefore, we must first find out the cause of hair loss.And by eliminating the cause of hair loss can be stopped.

Many women notice hair loss after childbirth.Typically loss begins 1-4 weeks after birth and can last for several months.This is due to hormonal changes in women.The hair stopped falling out spontaneously after 3-12 months after delivery.And in subsequent pregnancies in women hair loss becomes less pronounced.

Why does hair fall out?Causes.

causes of hair loss is pretty much the most important thing to understand why you have hair fall out.F

ind out the cause and solving it, you can get rid of such problems as hair loss.

  • Reduced hemoglobin level in the blood, as one of the causes of hair loss.How to increase hemoglobin in the blood can be found in the article "How to increase hemoglobin".
  • Hair can fall in diabetes.To find out whether you have elevated blood sugar, enough to take a blood test for sugar.
  • Also, the hair can fall out badly with a deficiency in the body of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium, and others.
  • Violation of the thyroid gland or a lack of iodine in the body leads to hair loss.
  • hair can fall out on the background of stress, depression or feelings.In case of violation of the nervous system.
  • hair fell out after diseases.Typically during normal balanced diet and vitamins making the problem persists.
  • hair fall out by careless brushing, using hair dyes, hair dryer, nail polish, mousse and other means.Hair condition worsens.
  • hair may fall out with reduced immunity.
  • The causes of hair loss include medication.Chemotherapy, reception of various hormones.
  • hair falls in infectious diseases of the scalp such as seborrhea, dermatitis, pruritus and others.
  • No less important reason is the lack of blood flow to the scalp.This may be in violation of the heart, the abuse of strong coffee or tea.Under the influence of these beverage containers are narrowed sharply.
  • Impact of environmental pollution and aggressive external factors.
  • When exposed to high or low temperatures hair.Walking in the winter in the cold without a hat or in the hot summer days.
  • hair loss can cause diseases of internal organs, such as gastritis, pancreatitis and others.

As you can see quite a lot of reasons.Last year, I dramatically changed hair care.If I say that the hair stopped falling out completely, it will be true.Hair fall, but much less than before.All thanks to homemade mask made from natural products, oils, vitamins reception.

What to do if hair loss?

In this section, I want to share my experiences, what I did with hair loss.This is just my experience, perhaps it does not all fit, or like.Or maybe you take something to your note.

The first thing to note, if you can not do in the body there is a serious disorder or disease, without the help of a specialist.It is necessary to investigate the cause of a doctor, and hence why hair falls out.If the cause of the wrong care, a lack of vitamins, decreased immunity, then this problem is solved independently.

As my barber, the hair should be cut every three months, not to radically change her hair, and trim the ends of the hair.Strange as it may sound, but then the hair grow faster.I polled the hair ends every six months.

There are two big differences, who would not say that.This is when the care of hair and do not care for.Well-groomed hair look healthy, beautiful, brilliant.

This year I discovered the oil hair mask.Wheat germ oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil.Oil mixed with lavender essential oil, lavender oil, I bought the company "Primavera", high quality oil.In a tablespoon of base oil add a few drops of lavender oil.It is also useful for hair loss to use the essential oil of rosemary.Rosemary essential oil as well as lavender oil can be added to the base oil, and do hair masks.

I switched to shampoos without SLS.SLS shampoo I use to wash oil from the hair.Masks do once a week.I very much like a mask with egg yolk.Yolk I connect with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice, put on the hair for an hour before washing your hair.Instead of lemon juice, I sometimes add a tablespoon of honey in a mask.

on the ends of hair, but not on wet and dry hair, I put jojoba oil.Just a few drops is pounded in his hands and put on the ends of hair.

I like very aromaraschesyvanie with essential oil of lavender.Lavender makes the hair more elastic and shiny.The oil is useful for hair lavender, if you're interested, you can read the hair in the article "The essential oil of lavender."

Hair loss can make salt peeling.Three spoons of fine sea salt, mix with two tablespoons of balsam for the hair and add a few drops of essential oil, lavender oil, I add.But when hair loss is best to use the essential oil of rosemary, cedar, pine, tea tree, juniper, ylang-ylang.

It helps with hair loss hair rinse decoction of nettles.Per liter of boiling water four tablespoons of nettles.Insist half an hour, strain the infusion and rinse hair after washing.More recipes from nettles to strengthen hair and a roll, can be found in the article "Nettle hair".

When hair loss used essential oil beat, very good tool, which activates growth of new hair.Bay essential oil is mixed with the base oil and rubbed into the scalp.In 10 ml Argan oil or almond oil add 4 drops of essential oil beat and applied to the scalp, after 2 hours wash hair with oil.This is a godsend for those who have hair fall out.Reviews of this oil only polozhitelnye.Rekomenduyu you also see the video material of this oil.