Hello dear readers.Well, quite a bit, and then comes the hot summer.Summer is a very wonderful time of the year, it is impossible not to love the summer.During the summer holidays for children and the long-awaited vacation with parents.In the summer of course better to rest.I think this is the perfect time to relax.But the rest, each different, someone in the country rests, and some of the sea.Summer, for me, a great time.It's time juicy and sweet berries, it's time fresh vegetables, fresh herbs.In short, the perfect time of year - summer.Today again I want to offer you great recipes for face masks.Wonderful when one berry and inward and outward.But we use today will not berries and fresh cucumbers.

Fresh cucumbers have already gone on sale.Of course, such is too early to apply for masks, wait when ripe cucumbers from the garden.That's when you can make cucumber facials.And make masks from cucumber at home quickly and easily.

itself applied cucumber face many times.My aunt just loves cucumber mask.

As far as everything is available, easy, and how much benefit.The main thing to not be lazy.Even making an ordinary slice of cucumber salad can wipe the face.The effect is immediate.The feeling of freshness, softness, smoothness of the skin you provided.

How useful cucumber facial mask

For masks are best used cucumbers from the garden, but if there is no garden, you can always buy fresh cucumbers with friends or go to the rural market.What is so useful cucumber mask and what effect they provide.

  • cucumber mask is very, very simple.In addition, it is the most affordable mask, and the result is always "on the face."Masks give instant results.Refresh, tone, level, and moisturize the skin.
  • In addition, it should be noted rich composition of fresh cucumber.Cucumber though contains a lot of water, but it is also rich in potassium, iodine, silicon, sodium, vitamin C, PP and B vitamins
  • The season is very important to make cucumber mask regularly, your skin will be soft, smooth and elastic.
  • cucumber mask helps lighten pigmentation spots and freckles.If you want to lighten freckles, then read the article "How to whiten your freckles."
  • Beautiful effect is given a mask with cucumber excessive fat face.To eliminate shine must be regularly make such a mask.
  • Well, it should be noted that the cucumber is rich in silicon, and its function - rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin C is beneficial vitamins for the skin, helping to maintain its elasticity.
  • For a fresh view of the person responsible vitamin PP.
  • regenerates damaged tissue biotin skin cells.

Masks of cucumber, in fact, can be used for any skin type.The effect is immediate, the skin fresh, smooth, and very moisturizing.Reviews after applying cucumber mask very positive.I have very positive experience from the masks from cucumber.

Since cucumbers do not contain absolutely no irritants, cucumbers can be used for sensitive, dry, sensitive skin and skin around the eyes.

rules applying cucumber mask

Again, note the fact that cucumbers from the garden is better to use, rather than purchased in the supermarket.

To prepare the masks using natural ingredients, which are further included in the mask.Natural honey, sour cream, etc. Products.

If you put cucumber slices on the face, then wash with water is not necessary.Also, if you wipe your face with a slice of cucumber, it is also not necessary to wash.

To prepare the masks need to chop the cucumber.This can be done by using a grater.Grind to a coarse or fine grater.

If you make a mask, then after a certain time from the face mask should be washed off with water.Very good for a person to have a separate towel.

It is very important to use a mask or fresh grated cucumber immediately rather than after a certain period, as a cucumber loses its beneficial properties.

before use masks no harm will apply to the face scrub.It can be used as a natural and previously acquired by you in store.

Cucumber mask indications, contraindications

So, who can apply a mask of fresh cucumbers, and to whom they are harmful and even contraindicated.

  • very useful cucumber mask for dry skin.When used regularly, eliminates scaling, inflammation, skin becomes moist.
  • Masks cucumber worked well as bleaching and lightening age spots.
  • When skin eruptions and acne masks also indicated for use.
  • rejuvenating therapeutic properties of cucumber have a great effect on aging skin.
  • also masks perfectly removes oily skin shine.Very suitable for oily and combination skin.

Apply mask cucumber better rate.It is approximately 10-15 procedures.And then you can take a break.

Now as contraindications.In fact, cucumbers as a safe product that has no contraindications.But do not forget that the open wounds on the skin, skin rashes serious mask of cucumber is better not to apply.

idiosyncrasy cucumber or an allergy to the product can be observed in very rare cases.The masks, except cucumber, can be used, and other products for which you may be allergic.In this case they must be replaced or added to the mask.

Cucumber facial masks at home.Recipes

Face can be used as fresh cucumbers and cucumber juice.Cucumbers can be ground, and you can put the slices on the face.

Recipes masks a lot of fresh cucumbers.You choose the one that suits you and helps to cope with a particular situation.When you make yourself a better mask to mask time to lie down and relax.Typically, the mask do on the weekend, as at other times treat yourself once.But you will experience an incredible pleasure from taking care of your body.

Cucumber Facial Mask Whitening

  • honey
  • cucumber
  • lemon juice

To prepare whitening facial mask of cucumber should mix the grated cucumber with honey and lemon juice.The ingredients you need to take on the tea spoon and mix in a bowl.Apply to cleansed face for ten minutes.This mask helps lighten pigmentation spots and freckles on the face.

Cucumber facial mask of wrinkles

  • cucumber

To prepare the masks we need half a cucumber, which must be cleaned and grate, chill it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes We put the grated cucumber on the eyelids for about fifteen minutes.This mask helps with dark circles and removes puffiness under the eyes, and of course reduces the number of wrinkles.And of course the slurry can be applied to the skin.

Cucumber facial mask

  • dry and sensitive skin cucumber
  • rustic sour cream or sour cream 20%

Here I suggest you use sour cream and cucumber.Sour cream is necessary to take a fat village, sour cream must be fresh.I very much like a mask of sour cream.Recipes masks I shared in the article "sour face".Mix a few tablespoons of grated cucumber and a spoonful of sour cream.Apply the mask on your face and leave for fifteen minutes.And then remove the remnants of the mask with a sponge.

Cucumber facial mask for acne

  • fresh cucumber
  • soda

The benefits of cucumber masks can talk for hours, but the cucumber, among other things used in the fight against acne and rashes.To this end, a couple of tablespoons of grated cucumber mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda and applied to the face.You can apply the mask in a circular motion on your face.We leave it to literally minutes 15.

acne is very effective mask with egg white and cucumber, which is still very suitable for oily skin.We separate the protein from the yolk and mix with a spoon grated pulp of the cucumber.Apply on face and leave for fifteen minutes.

Cucumber juice facial

I think that cucumber juice facial is easy and simple to prepare, agree with this one.It is not too difficult.To make it, I used to purify fresh cucumber.Next, you need to chop the cucumber and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.The resulting cucumber juice can be poured into a container for ice and freeze in the freezer.And then wipe face with ice cubes frozen cucumber.

can wipe face with fresh cucumber juice.After that, wash or rinse it with water is not necessary.Juice perfectly moisturize the skin, saturate with vitamins and microelements, improve the complexion.

can moisten the gauze in cucumber juice.Apply it on the face should be on for about 20 minutes you can wipe the face with a cotton pad, which we pre-soaked in cucumber juice.

As you can see, cucumber facials at home to do quickly and easily.So I recommend to everyone.And we came to the strawberry market.I love her so much.Soon the mass will sell the strawberries, so you can pamper your skin with strawberry mask.Recipes my favorite strawberry mask is in the article "Strawberry Face".

I wish you a warm summer, let it pleases you with bright colors, ripe berries and positive emotions.