Hello dear readers.Very much I love all the masks to try for yourself.I try.If possible, be sure to try.Here yesterday, made a mask of blue clay face.My husband bought a winter blue clay.Very much it is useful so deducted.I decided to try.He conducts his experiments, and I am his.Recently, a nurse friend shared with me recipes mask of blue clay.We sometimes like to spend the evening with her for a cup of tea.We talk, it is very interesting and versatile person.And since she has oily skin type, then it uses clay in masks and very happy.Frankly, I do not know, I was used to with this product, but decided to meet.

I have blue clay pieces, and both large and small, before applying the pieces should be crushed.Well, it does not matter.Why I decided to try a mask of blue clay.I have a combination skin type, in the T-zone of the pores slightly expanded, and blue clay fine pores.

Buy clay at any pharmacy.My husband bought a herbalist, we have a market point where they sell grass, clay, propolis and all kin

ds of liqueurs.So clay that can be used not only externally, but also inside.In general I am wary at first, I applied it to the face or not.My husband took me inside and all is well, then the face, I think she will do.Topic about the blue clay is quite extensive and it has healing properties.

Blue clay Face.Properties.

blue clay is a natural therapeutic and cosmetic.It is well absorbed by our body.Apply it not only for the face but for the hair and body.Blue clay absorbed precious natural products, it contains iron, calcium, potassium, nickel, chromium, cobalt, radium, magnesium, etc. minerals..

  • Clay has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • cleans and whitens skin, enhances skin metabolism processes.
  • Cleans and tightens pores on the face.It has disinfectant properties.
  • It is worth noting the fact that the blue clay helps to smooth out fine wrinkles.
  • Strengthens, purifies, nourishes.
  • Absorbs toxins.
  • Blue clay perfectly dries the skin and helps to get rid of acne vulgaris.
  • With regular use of clay masks wounds are tightened, as clay has wound-healing medicinal properties.
  • skin is cleansed, to normalize the sebaceous glands.For problematic and oily skin masks out of clay have a very good effect.
  • skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Due to curative properties of clay and rich natural composition, beauticians use clay for the prevention of skin diseases, as well as cosmetic defects.Before using this wonderful product is familiar with the indications and contraindications, not to harm the skin.

Blue clay.Applications face and contraindications

Since blue clay has healing properties, it is used for skin inflammation.Good it is for oily and combination skin.

  1. Apply blue clay at extended contaminated pores on the face.
  2. well as in allergic rashes on the skin.
  3. mask may be applied as nutrient of clay in the composition of the other components.Useful in a period of beriberi, in autumn and spring.
  4. Masks have a positive result in irritation of the skin, with acne, with pimples.
  5. masks out of clay eliminate dark spots on the skin.
  6. When sagging skin.Apply blue clay to the skin has lost elasticity.

course with rashes, acne and black spots, it is necessary to approach to the entire complex.Then the result will please as soon as possible.

contraindicated mask of blue clay clay if you are hypersensitive, allergic to it.With sensitive skin, the mask should be used with caution.

But in any case, before application of the mask, the mask test on the skin, if no redness and irritation, the mask can be put on the face.And for sensitive skin, the mask is not necessary to do more than 10 minutes.

When dry and sensitive skin of the face, add mask components corresponding to your skin type.Since clay draws slag, it may cause a rash on the skin.

Face mask of blue clay.My Review

I want to share my revocation to apply a face mask of blue clay.Frankly, she was afraid that would be the reaction of the skin, but the husband calmed me.Like, if I took the inside and everything is normal, then the skin is also doing well.

Nourishing mask of blue clay and milk. will I do a mask of two components.Milk and clay.This nourishing mask.I took a spoonful of clay and mixed it with milk.Milk need to boil, cool.Milk for the mask I used to room temperature.It was added in portions and stirred.The mask should be the consistency of a thick cream.It's very quick and easy to do.This mask can be used for normal and combination skin.

caused the mask to the face with a brush, by the way, it is very convenient to apply.Struck the mask in several layers.The face mask was 15 minutes.The mask dries and tightens the skin, so long as I have not kept.

Then I washed off the mask with cool water.The skin became lighter, significantly narrowed the pores, the pores have become a little clearer.The result of the use of masks, I liked, I should not afraid of anything, and feared.After the mask on the skin should apply nourishing cream.

When sensitive skin mask with milk is very good, and if there is no milk, it can be replaced with fresh cream or fresh cream.Mixing clay and sour cream for a mask, the mask can be thick, add a little boiling water to make a mask consistency of thick cream.Therefore

blue clay will be mixed with other ingredients to make masks and more.Choose the most liked me, I want to share with you.

Bleaching and Purifying mask of blue clay. for masks, we need two components.The juice of fresh cucumber and blue clay.What?It is worth a try, especially since fresh homemade pickles soon will be available.If you are growing cucumbers in the country, it's all fine.Masks from cucumber I just adore.Recipes masks can be found in the article "Face masks from cucumber".

For clay mask and cucumber juice mixed in a ratio of 1: 2.The mask is applied on cleansed face for 20-25 minutes.Wash off with water mask.After the mask on the skin should apply the cream.

Mask with butter and clay for the face. To mask you need to mix the vegetable oil (almond, olive, peach, etc.) With clay.Oil is necessary to warm up a bit.Clay and oil, mix until smooth.There should be a consistency of thick cream.Apply the mask on the face, after 5-10 minutes, wash off with water.

mask for acne with blue clay. To prepare the masks we need blue clay spoon two tablespoons of sour cream and a drop of tea tree mask.Mix the ingredients until smooth consistency, put on the face for 15 minutes.Wash off with water.

can add For oily skin and acne on the face in a cream for the face portion of a drop of tea tree oil and apply on the skin.When acne tea tree oil has a positive result.I did put on a pimple dot.

For more information about tea tree oil can be found in the article "tea tree essential oil".I have tea tree oil is used for teeth whitening at a cold and colds, if you're interested, you can all read the article.

Apply the mask of blue clay several times a week.In order to avoid lumps, blue clay is necessary before use to sift.Since the mask lies evenly on the skin.

Share with me your favorite mask with blue clay.