Hello readers.Outside, spring, we often look in the mirror.I would like to change, but you need to start to change the world from itself.Take time for yourself loved.Make a hair mask, face mask, and this does not necessarily go to expensive beauty salons.Ingredients for masks exist in any refrigerator.It is not necessary to invent anything.After all, there are simple tools available that help to preserve youth, beauty and health.Our face, hair, nails, body care needs.Nature has provided all of us to feel so good and be beautiful by using the gifts of nature.Oh, I am a writer, write information to the stream.Now, more to the point.Today I want to talk again about the face masks.

About a mask made from natural ingredients, namely, chicken protein.Importantly, the chicken protein used in the mask for oily skin types.As well as wearing masks, which help narrow the enlarged pores on the face.In principle, you can use the masks for the egg white of store eggs, but I prefer the village.

Useful than egg white facial

egg white - is a clear, viscous liquid which, when heat treated becomes dense and becomes white.But protein is we do not fry and cook, egg white, we will do a face mask.We need raw chicken protein.Egg white contains B vitamins, amino acids, vitamin E and D.

The first thing I want to note, that the mask with this component perfectly narrow pores on the face.Pores accumulate dirt, dust sebum, thereby forming black dots on the face.

Masks with protein help to eliminate the shine from the face, so the mask is ideal for oily skin.But the mask of a protein can also be used for combination skin type.

Apply the mask not only for oily skin types, but also for problem skin to reduce inflammation, redness and rashes on the face.

Mask of protein helps lighten skin pigmentation when, as has a bleaching effect.

Masks with egg white is very easy to do at home.And the result will not take long.The action of the mask on the skin will be noticeable from the first application.

And egg mask is used not only for the face but for the hair.The effect is stunning.If you did not use eggs to the hair, I recommend the egg mask for strengthening hair.The recipe is very simple, and the result will delight you.

Contraindications to the use of the mask of the protein can be sensitive and dry skin on the face.And also allergic to the components of the mask.Therefore, before applying the mask to do a test on the skin.

Also before applying masks egg wash with soap and water, wipe it dry, and then gently separate the yolk from the protein.Masks can be used for not only the protein but yolk.How to apply the yolk in masks for the face, you can read in the article "Face mask of egg yolk".In this article you will find a variety of recipes from the yolk masks for all skin pita.

mask of egg white facial

I have to say that the mask of the protein, I use to narrow pores.But all is not just.If the skin has dark spots, and I have a little bit in the T-zone.They need to squeeze.The first step is to wash, wipe the skin with a towel.Steam the face of a decoction of herbs.I usually brew chamomile.

Next, treat your hands with alcohol and gently squeezing the black dots.After the procedure, we put the mask on the face of the protein and lemon juice to narrow pores on the face.

And yet, very much to me like a mask of carrots, protein and flour.It seems simple, but the skin with regular use becomes smooth and acquires a beautiful shade.But the mask is shown only for oily skin types.

Classical Mask of protein.

  • egg white

lightly beaten egg white and apply on cleansed face.The most convenient way to do it with a brush.Moreover, when the first layer dries a little, it is possible to apply a second and then the third.Nothing complicated about it, everything is very simple.This mask is suitable for oily and combination skin.The mask dries the skin and regulates sebaceous exchange.

Mask of protein and lemon juice.

  • protein
  • 1 h. Spoon of lemon juice

This is the first version of the mask, very simple.I want to again insist that the eggs for the better use of masks village.The protein must be separated from the egg yolk.The yolk will not be needed.Protein is necessary to add the lightly beaten and a teaspoon of lemon juice.Eggs for the mask, I usually use the village, they are small.Just missing out on the prepared mask once put on the face.

Apply the mask to cleansed face.15-20 minutes will let the mask on his face.When the protein is to dry out the skin, it will tighten the skin.

Wash off the mask with warm water.The mask has a drying effect, and helps eliminate spots and oily sheen on the skin.

Mask of carrots and protein.

  • protein
  • 1 tbsp.Spoon carrot
  • flour

Read this recipe in a magazine.The girl with a beautiful smooth face shared his favorite recipe mask.I immediately cooked it and tasted.It was honestly delighted.

To prepare the masks we need one protein, a tablespoon of grated carrot on a fine grater, flour.Flour in the masks we use to make the density of the mask.The recipe was listed ordinary white flour, I used it.I think that you can replace it on oatmeal, for instance.

mask Ingredients to mix and apply on cleansed face for 10 minutes.Already after 5 minutes the mask dries on the face and tightens the skin, so for more than 10 minutes, I do not keep it on your face.Wash off with water mask.It is very convenient to wash off the mask with special sponges.Masks get much can it in two layers applied to the face.

And you use egg whites in masks for the face?Please share with us that you are using masks with egg white.