Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about all of us loved the lemon.A lot of writing about lemon on the blog.That's turn came to use of lemon to the face.Juicy, yellow, fragrant lemon.For me can not imagine tea without lemon, and honey with lemon mixture I really like.

On the blog I have an article about the use of honey and lemon for health, all you can read in the article "Honey and lemon."But, honey with lemon is also successfully used for the face, to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.Lemon can also whiten the skin, citrus in this excellent assistants.

How useful Lemon Face?

  • We all know that lemon source of vitamin C, and vitamin C is known to be an antioxidant that slows the aging of cells, making the skin more elastic.
  • addition to the lemon has vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B3, B9, K, trace elements such as potassium, sodium, fluoride, iron and others.
  • Potassium, in the lemon helps our skin to normalize the sebaceous glands.
  • And vitamin K, helps get rid of skin pigmentation.
  • Vitamin A helps to reduce inflammation in the skin.
  • lemon as lemon juice, helps to clean and whiten face, if there is an uneven tan areas of pigmentation or freckles.
  • also a unique cleanser for the face, all thanks to the presence of fruit acids.

unique composition juicy and fragrant lemon allows us without any financial cost to care for skin, rejuvenating and purifying it.

lemon juice facial.

useful not only lemon, and juice made from lemon facial skin.Lemon juice, as does lemon has antiseptic and cleansing properties.

Whitens person removing bulking acne, pimples, spots.And also, it helps kill bacteria.

juice squeezed from lemon great effect on the skin, it is a gentle exfoliation, which helps remove and exfoliate lifeless layer of cells.Because of the lemon juice, the skin becomes soft, supple and of course.

Lemon juice is just as natural "bleach" the skin.

Facial spend with lemon juice is very easy, squeeze the juice from the lemon juice and moisten a cotton pad, very convenient to wipe the face with lemon juice.

Ice lemon face.

also an excellent remedy is lemon ice cubes.Lemon juice is poured into molds for ice and used to wipe the face of these very cubes.

I usually lemon cut in half and squeeze the juice from it, the juice is filtered through a strainer.This juice can pour into molds and freeze.Action lemon juice cubes like the same, whitens, tightens pores, cleans the skin, disinfects.

necessary to wash, take a lemon ice cube to rub their face and leave for 10 minutes and, to wash and lubricate the face of your favorite cream.

Indications and contraindications of lemon.

This is also shown to wipe the face with lemon juice and use the fragrant lemon face?Of course, to be sure, the presence of vitamin C in the lemon impressive.And as you know, lemon is an allergen, the use of lemon can cause irritation and skin allergy.Therefore, apply lemon with great caution, however, as all citrus fruits.

  • he showed for oily and normal skin.
  • When pigmentation, freckles and spots on the skin.
  • When pimples and for acne.
  • Apply for aging and tired skin.

But, lemon, like all citrus fruits, has its contraindications concerned and skin.

  • Contraindicated in allergy, individual intolerance.
  • When tumors, open wounds on the skin.

Be careful, test lemon juice and a mask made with lemon on the wrist, in order to avoid allergies, necessarily.

Masks with citrus usually kept on the face for 10-15 minutes, but no more, and the same applies to lemon juice, rubbed the face, and left some water washed away.

Rinse off the mask can be either a decoction of chamomile or usual warm waters.

lemon and juice from it dries the skin, which allows us to deal with acne.Therefore, after application to the skin, apply lemon cream to prevent skin dryness.

To mask with lemon all the ingredients must be fresh, natural, it is very important.Lemons buy good quality, which is also important.

How to whiten your face lemon?

Use lemon juice, as well as of the lemon is that it allows you to whiten the skin, again, I repeat, with pigmentation, freckles, sunburn failure or other problems.

lemons you have to wash, cut in half and squeeze the juice, or just cut off a small slice of lemon, which we will use for the face.

Pre-clean the face to wipe the face of a slice of lemon or some parts of the face.And in the lemon is useful to all, and even the peel, which is rich in essential oils, so in such a stunning lemon flavor.

Or, wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice.Next, leave the juice on your face for 10-15 minutes, as they say, let him do his job.And then wash.

procedure cleansing the face, you can do once a day for 2-3 days, until you get the desired result.

Masks with lemon face.The best recipes.

There are many different masks that eliminate the various problems on the skin.But, remember that lemon can cause allergies, it can be used after testing on the skin.

ingredients masks need fresh and natural.From the lemon we will need to squeeze the juice, which we will use.

honey lemon facial.

One of rejuvenating, moisturizing products for aging, wrinkled skin is a natural bee honey and lemon.

We all know how much the health benefits of honey brings us, today he works for a healthy skin of the face with lemon juice.

  • Honey with lemon tones the skin.
  • Clears.
  • Hydrates.
  • relieves inflammation.
  • Perfectly nourishes.
  • rejuvenates.
  • And brightens and smooths the skin.

mask do just before its use.If honey candied it should melt in a water bath, but not warm.

mask is applied to clean skin and leave an even layer, wash with water.

Mix a few teaspoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey, apply on your face.

Well, as you know, honey, use only natural, of course if you are not allergic to bee products.On the blog I have interesting recipes mask with beeswax, you can read them in the article "Beeswax Face".

protein with lemon facial mask.

One of the very good mask for oily skin, which closes enlarged pores, matting the skin, removes shine a mask protein and lemon.

This mask is recommended to do after cleansing the face of blackheads.Preparation of the mask does not take a lot of time and money.One protein whisk with two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply on face.

soda and lemon face.

Mask of soda and lemon cleanses, nourishes the skin, removes toxins through the pores, removes very soft upper horny layer of skin cells.

In this mask even the honey added for best effect.Lemon and soda really gently cleanse the skin, removes dirt and excess fat from the skin.It will help the acne to dry, which is important for people suffering from rashes on the face.

of honey mixed with a spoonful of baking soda and lemon juice, all mixed until homogeneous mushy state and applied to the face in a circular motion, leave some water and washed away.

Mask of soda and lemon as well as other test your skin before applying.Soda for mask use the latest, at which the expiration date should be avoided.

Lemon facial acne.

acne actually use lemon, but it is certainly not a panacea, lemon disinfects, dries the skin, reduces inflammation, bleaches, and of course rejuvenates skin cells.

acne mask can be used soda and lemon recipe for which to be slightly higher in the article.

can wipe cleansed face with a cotton pad soaked in an acidic lemon juice dot on places where there is a rash.

Lemon reduces the oiliness of the skin, cleanses the skin of blackheads.Apply acne can and beaten egg white mixed with lemon juice, the recipe of this mask is also written just above.

Use and sea salt mixed with lemon juice on the spots in the ratio of 1: 1.Then, a cotton swab is applied to this mixture for about 10 minutes, as a spot on the pimples and wash waters.

Face Mask lemon cream.

mask combined lemon and sour cream suitable for oily and combination skin.Lemon, along with sour cream, well whitens and cleanses the skin, but plus everything nourishes the skin.

sour cream for a mask is better to buy home, that is the village.And of course good Lemons.

lemon juice, one teaspoon mixed with one spoon of sour cream and applied to cleansed face.The skin after the mask of fresh, humidified and cleaned.

mask can be done once a week, but not more often, your skin will thank you.

Cucumber and Lemon face.

It nourishes, moisturizes, smoothes fine wrinkles mask of cucumber and lemon juice.To be effective, the mask can be added to it honey, fresh, homemade, natural.

Recipes masks from fresh cucumbers can be found in my article on the blog "Masks from cucumber face".

How to make a mask from cucumber, honey and lemon suggest clearly see in the video clip where all explained in detail.