Hello dear readers.Subject acne repeatedly discussed in many forums and websites, and the subject is quite relevant to many.After acne deliver great discomfort, low self-esteem and a bad mood.Let's see now, can I use alcohol for acne?Also look at how useful tincture of calendula, and what is still better, alcohol or calendula tincture acne.Alcohol cauterize, tightens pores, disinfects, but does not harm the skin of the face there?

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog article about gelatin masked by black dots, I recommend you read it "Gelatine facial mask".There are lots of "for" and "against" using alcohol for acne.But many of my friends in their teens have used alcohol, so to speak, to cauterize pimples.I want to say that I, too, was a problem in adolescence.The skin was pure, smooth, beautiful and suddenly appeared pimples.Can you imagine how it's not nice and causes great discomfort.

Fortunately it was summer, I put to the challenge to all known and unknown ways to get rid of acne.Even I went t

o a dermatologist doctor.He said that most of the problem may be in the gastrointestinal tract.It is necessary to revise your diet include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, drink sour-milk products.When acne is better to "sit" on a diet to eliminate all fatty, fried, spicy and semi-finished products.

prescribed by a doctor of course me a lot of ointments and means all, I do not remember their names.But the fact that in addition to all I have, and alcohol use, as well as calendula tincture on alcohol acne.Calendula is available over the counter.To prepare to use the infusion of marigold flowers and alcohol or vodka.Read how to prepare a tincture of calendula as it is applied, it is possible in my article "Calendula tincture, use".

alcohol acne.

  • course, cauterize alcohol and disinfects the skin.
  • killing germs, alcohol destroys the protective film, which performs the barrier function of the skin.
  • But what about alcohol use?Alcohol use the dot, on the very spot, apply it with a cotton swab.Carefully lubricate the pimples without damaging healthy skin.
  • Alcohol dries the skin and tightens pores on the face.
  • Alcohol dries the eyes of the inflammation and redness.
  • Use alcohol for acne is definitely possible.Once a day dot burn spots.
  • But cosmetics for skin sparing best to choose on the basis of medicinal herbs, for example.

in the fight against acne, as they say, all good.And can use in place of alcohol tincture of calendula?I'm here, and alcohol use, and tincture of calendula.But, if you choose between that and the fact I prefer the latter, now I tell why.

Calendula tincture acne.

Calendula, I really like, is always effective in all diseases.I use it as a decoction or infusion, both internally and externally.Calendula tincture can be purchased without any problems at the pharmacy.Calendula tincture sale in any drugstore and is worth a penny, but a means of very effective.You can cook by using calendula flowers.

My mother prepared a tincture of calendula.She took a fresh marigold flowers, stuffed them up to the top one-liter jar and filled them with vodka.Infuse in a dark place for 7 days.it does not filter infusion.

Calendula tincture is an excellent antiseptic, tincture has antibacterial properties.But that's not all, calendula is very well relieves inflammation.Already after the first procedure noticeable result.I'm telling you, not just like that, all tested on himself.

calendula tincture is used not only for acne but also for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, cuts.Treated with tincture of calendula wounds heal much faster.We have a couple of years ago were visiting my grandmother and son cut himself with glass.Mom took out a jar of calendula tincture and we treated the wound.Rank healed very quickly.

cauterize acne as well as alcohol dot.Convenient to use a cotton swab.All face is better not to wipe calendula tincture otherwise desiccate the skin.Dilute with water calendula tincture is also not necessary.

Calendula has a healing properties, so perfectly heals.You can wipe the face not only of calendula tincture, and an aqueous decoction or infusion of marigold.

Everything is simple, spoon flowers per cup of boiling water for about 20 minutes, drain and wipe his face.It can be cleaned several times a day using a cotton pad.

contraindications to the use of alcohol or tincture of calendula.

  • allergic reaction or intolerance to alcohol or calendula.
  • Skin diseases requiring treatment.
  • Open wounds, burns.
  • Also on alcohol or tincture of calendula may be reaction of the skin, redness or irritation.

All the same, about acne, I think, you should consult a specialist, so as not to harm the skin.Calendula tincture of acne is really an effective tool, and dries and relieves inflammation, and heals.So the choice is yours, alcohol or tincture of calendula.

also recommend you watch the video, how to cook mash of acne. "