Hello dear friends.Today we talk about how to make a coffee scrub the skin.The aroma of coffee invigorates, gives a good mood and fills us with energy.The thick, which remains after the coffee is useful to us for the preparation of a scrub, so do not write off her throw.I'll tell you how to prepare the coffee grounds from a variety of body scrubs and face.

for your skin care will help you save for a long time youth and beauty.Coffee Scrub, made from coffee grounds helps to make the skin soft and smooth, but also a great tool in the fight against cellulite.Coffee, which invigorates us in the morning, has a similar effect on our skin.

Through the use of coffee scrubs the activation of metabolic processes in the skin cells.Caffeine improves blood circulation, helps reduce swelling and bring the body fat.On the blog I wrote about the body scrub, but with the use of black chocolate, very fragrant and effective scrub, all you can read in the article "How to cook a chocolate scrub at home"?

Coffee Scrub well-tones the skin, removes toxins, cleanses the skin from dead cells.Scrub well to cleanse our skin, helps smooth out wrinkles and make the skin soft, smooth and silky.Coffee scrub the skin can be quickly and easily prepared at home.As a basis we take the coffee grounds and as additional components, you can use what is at hand.

How to make a coffee scrub the skin.

Coffee scrubs are easy to prepare and are natural, only for preparation we need natural coffee, not instant.Simply tell us need coffee grounds.

Scrub for dry skin can be done once every two weeks, and for oily skin once a week.Antitsellyutny scrub better to do 7-10 times, every day, then take a break.

Today, several times I had coffee, all thick, I merged into one cup.In the evening, after a shower, I caused a thick coffee without any additives in the face and body.The effect is simply stunning, the coffee grounds are really beautiful skin tones, softens, improves blood circulation in skin cells.After using the scrub on the body and a person can be put cream.

Coffee and honey scrub for face and body.

I love coffee and honey scrub, it can be used as a cleaning agent and a means in the fight against cellulite.To make this scrub, we need natural honey, oil (olive or almond) and the coffee grounds.The benefits of almond oil for the beauty of our skin I wrote on the blog in the article "Almond oil properties, the application".I love this oil and apply to the face, it is light and delicate in texture.But, indifferent and olive oil, which nourishes our skin.

To prepare honey-coffee scrub we will need 1 tbsp.tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 2 teaspoons full of coffee grounds.All components are mixed and scrub the skin of the body is massaged for 5 to 10 minutes.It is best to put the coffee scrub to clean the body, well applied scrub after taking a shower or bath.Remains scrub wash off with warm water.

Honey Scrub for better use of natural honey, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, nourishes and softens the skin of the face and body.Every year we buy honey from a beekeeper friend.

Coffee Scrub for all skin types.

To prepare scrub we will need 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds mixed with two teaspoons of crushed oatmeal, mix it all with a teaspoon of sour cream.Mix well.

mask massage should be put on the face and body, massaging for a few minutes, wash off the scrub with warm water.

scrub coffee grounds for dry skin.

Make coffee scrub is quite simple for the person.To prepare scrub mix a teaspoon of coffee grounds with 1 teaspoon fat cottage cheese.Scrub is applied to the face in circular motions, this scrub is suitable for sensitive skin.Scrub wash off with warm water, then applied to the face nourishing cream.

For dry skin, do not scrub more than 1 time in two weeks.But for oily skin can be applied to scrub once a week.

scrub coffee grounds for oily skin.

To prepare scrub mix 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds with one teaspoon of yogurt and half teaspoon lemon juice, all mixed.

Apply scrub clean the face in a circular motion, wash with cold water, put on the face cream.

Simple scrub of ground coffee.

cooking it just as we need 2 tbsp.spoons of ground coffee and 1 tbsp.Spoon shower gel.All thoroughly mixed.This scrub cleanses the skin and removes the stratum corneum cells, it is applied to the skin massaging movements, then wash off with warm water.You can if you want to add to skrabu a few drops of essential oil.

Coffee anti-cellulite body scrub.

To prepare anti-cellulite scrub often blended sea salt medium ground together with coffee grounds in a ratio of 1: 2.You can add a teaspoon of sour cream or yogurt, to give skrabu more liquid consistency.

recommended to massage the skin for more than 10 minutes, then scrub, rinse with warm water.

Can this skrabu even add a couple of drops of essential oils.You can use oil of ginger, cinnamon, orange, geranium, rose, lavender, cloves, pine needles.

How to make coffee and efficient coffee and honey facial scrub and body now you know.Unless of course you do not have an allergy to scrub its components can safely cook.And if you still have any questions, I recommend you watch the video, which is very detailed to tell and show how to cook and how to apply to the skin and cellulite coffee coffee scrub.After reviewing the video, you can easily prepare the coffee scrub at home.