Weather today we have a wonderful, so warm, and the air smells of spring, the first spring flowers will be available soon.Every year we go to the forest, I was just admiring the carpet of snowdrops.A little course and bring home flowers, flowers still pleasing to the eye.From one kind to them on the soul becomes "warmer".It would be desirable that in our life there were more things that please us and less things that upset us.

Today I want to tell you how to increase hemoglobin in the blood quickly.I want to share my experience with you as I have been able to increase hemoglobin in the blood.Perhaps this information will be useful to many.Honestly, I never thought of hemoglobin in the blood, but when I was pregnant, I went to the hospital to save, I was treated, took analyzes.And my doctor declared me on his rounds, I had lowered hemoglobin in the blood and it must improve.I already thought I was the doctor will prescribe medications to increase hemoglobin.No, my doctor said that it is possible to i

ncrease the hemoglobin food.This I wrote in the article "What kind of products, increase the hemoglobin in the blood."So a week later I retake a blood test, hemoglobin figures I have been normal.

This fall, I had all the signs of reduced hemoglobin in the blood - a pallor, dizziness, pressure decreases.I handed over a blood test, I had a low hemoglobin.I immediately thought about the products that have helped me to improve hemoglobin during pregnancy, was their eating through just five days to retake tests, hemoglobin in blood was 140 g / l.So very quickly I was able to increase hemoglobin only food.

Let's see what signs may indicate a reduced hemoglobin in the blood.

Symptoms of reduced hemoglobin in the blood

  • Headaches, dizziness.
  • skin pallor.
  • weakness, lethargy.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Drowsiness, constant fatigue.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Frequent viral diseases.
  • Cold extremities (hands and feet)

If you have even one of these symptoms, it is a chance for what you need a blood test, to check their level of hemoglobin in the blood.We have to do it very simply, there are paid lab and within a day the result is ready.I think such laboratories exist in every city.I do not know for whom, for me it's easier to be tested.Still, do not sit in the queue, and then a few days, do not expect the result.In our free clinic can also scream and throw you in the card.Although I am always with all the polite talk.But it is the nuances.

Now let's see what kind should be the norm of hemoglobin in the blood.

Norma hemoglobin in the blood

During normal hemoglobin in the blood is very important to follow.Since it affects overall health.You can donate blood every year, several times a year if necessary.Hemoglobin in the blood test has the designation: HBG -gemoglobin.So, what the rate of hemoglobin in the blood of men, women, pregnant and lactating women.

  • Men - 130-140 g / l.
  • For women - 120-130 g / l
  • for pregnant women and nursing mothers - 120-140 g / l.

Norma hemoglobin in the blood, see the table at the child.

If hemoglobin in blood decreases, this must be the reason.Let's look at the possible causes of reduced hemoglobin in the blood.

Causes of low hemoglobin can do with food is not enough blood

  • iron, so you must pay attention to the foods that contain iron.
  • hemoglobin can drop a heavy menstrual period, then you need a doctor's help gynecologist.
  • causes of low hemoglobin may serve as operations, childbirth, abortion, how much blood loss.
  • hemorrhoidal bleeding.When such bleeding, you urgently need to go to the proctologist and solve your doctor these questions.
  • Uterine bleeding.Also can not do without the help of a gynecologist.
  • hemoglobin may be reduced due to restrictions in the diet itself, with different diets.
  • At deficiency of vitamin B12, which we need for the formation of hemoglobin.
  • to decrease the hemoglobin in the blood can cause serious diseases of the blood.All these issues are handled by a doctor hematologist.
  • Also, the process of iron absorption in the intestine may be broken.

If the hemoglobin in the blood is reduced, then begin to suffer, and other organs.It is the brain, the nervous system, our immune system.All organs and tissues affected by lack of oxygen in the blood, because the main function of the hemoglobin in the blood is to supply all organs and tissues of oxygen.In our iron circulatory system, it combines with oxygen to be delivered to all organs and tissues.When hemoglobin decrease, our cells are insufficiently supplied with oxygen.

To form hemoglobin in the blood in our bodies except iron and vitamin B12 should do and other vitamins as well as macro and micro elements.Gastritis, for example dysbacteriosis or perhaps poor absorption of vitamins and iron in the gut, leading to anemia.But, it's not terrible, all this is treated.

How to increase hemoglobin in the blood quickly

Drugs, I will not advise you today, it would be for doctors, according to the results of analyzes.I'll tell you what folk remedies and products I was able to quickly raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

When decrease in blood hemoglobin level necessary to include in your diet foods rich in iron.Doctor, when I was in the hospital and I was reduced hemoglobin in the blood, she told me to eat meat.Best ways to increase hemoglobin not, so she told me.However, only the meat should eat a shish kebab or a chop.Moreover, it may be lean pork or beef.

meat That is to say, should not undergo prolonged heat treatment, as during prolonged heat treatment of iron in the meat destroyed.It is not suitable goulash or chops, all the same, these dishes have been long-term heat treatment.And since meat is the main source of iron, the meat to digest, so to speak, "the lion's share" of iron - about 30%.

well increases hemoglobin beef liver.In autumn, when I was reduced hemoglobin in the blood, my husband bought a piece of beef liver in the market.Since I'm not a coffee on the street can not get out, I was dizzy, I drink a cup of coffee, then I go out.In general, I decoction liver and pate made her diet.Decoction of onion and carrot.All Grind using a blender, add salt to taste.This pate I smeared on bread.

Boiled tongue, eat at least 50 grams per day.

My husband and I drove into the woods on the barbecue.Barbecue, a walk in the fresh air.After all, with reduction of hemoglobin recommended to visit in the air more often.

Prepare yourself for a mixture of hemoglobin and increase immunity.This mixture is made up of walnuts, dried fruit, honey and lemon.I'll take two hundred gram raisins, dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, honey, a lemon with peel.All miss out on a meat grinder and pour honey, take a tablespoon three times a day before meals.Detailed recipe nutrient mixture can be found in my article "Apricots for the heart.Nutrient mixture ".

Include your citrus fruits, because vitamin C that they contain helps our body absorb iron.

Fruits containing vitamin C: a lemon, pomegranate, orange, kiwi, strawberry, grapefruit.You can also drink fresh juices to quickly increase the hemoglobin in the blood.Drink pomegranate juice, carrot, cranberry, beet.You can drink a mixture of carrot and beet juice.

eat in a day half a grapefruit, an orange, a quarter of a pomegranate.We market these beautiful pomegranates sell, give seeds a try.Pomegranates with reduced hemoglobin I ate every day, ate a quarter of a pomegranate a day, drank pomegranate juice.Because vegetables eat beets, carrots.After all of the vegetables and fruits of our body to absorb about 5% of iron.

are useful in anemia berries.strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black currants, strawberries.Eat a persimmon, feijoa, plum.Of course I use the berries in season, but in the freezer, I always have a bit of frozen berries.I eat breakfast porridge, porridge add frozen berries or chopped walnuts with dried fruits.

Eat buckwheat, it is a good source of iron.Eat salads with fresh vegetables, salads, add more dill, parsley.I eat salad course of the season.I do not buy imported tomatoes and cucumbers.Although we have at any time of the year you can buy any vegetables and fruits.But we all know how they are grown.

Eat at reduced hemoglobin, red fish, red caviar, egg yolk, seafood.All these products are adored my daughter.Because these products by our body to digest about 11% iron.

Hemoglobin is really possible to increase the blood quickly, unless of course there are no serious health problems or serious blood disorders.

Prepare yourself healthy, delicious and vitamin infusion of rose hips.That will help to increase hemoglobin.I am preparing an infusion is very simple.A handful of rose hips, I pour half a liter of boiling water.I insist in a thermos overnight.Morning, filter, add natural honey to taste.This drink is useful for both children and adults.Drink this infusion to half a glass a few times a day before meals.

is not recommended in cases of anemia drink coffee and strong tea.Since coffee and tea contain substances that washed out of iron and calcium in the body.Well, at least during treatment of anemia give up strong coffee and tea.

course increase the hemoglobin in the blood can quickly if health is not a serious problem, remember this.However, it is best to consult a doctor for help.And after consultation with a doctor to make all.Do not diagnose yourself and do not self-medicate.Take iron supplements only after consulting your doctor.

If you liked the article, share it with friends by clicking buttons soc.networks.Thank you, very grateful to you.I wish you a warm spring, beautiful and positive emotions and good mood.I love you.Be healthy.