to cure varicose vein disease, most noticed at the first signs of vascular disease, guided by advertising acquire the pharmacy ointment from varicose veins.But do not stop at this.

course, their use is quite justified, however, such treatment must be combined with taking medicines, the effect of which is aimed at eliminating manifestations of varicose veins, as well as to prevent the pathological process in the veins.In addition, there is a tablet, normalizing the tone of the vascular wall (fleboprotektory).

Ointment - conveniently and quickly

Ointments from varicose disease of veins are the drugs of choice for many patients, because they are easy to apply and quickly absorbed.Most often, their composition is the anticoagulant heparin, which reduces blood clotting, vessel strengthening and has analgesic effect.However, there are other local preparations against varicose veins, the composition of which is different from heparin ointment.

All ointment of varicose veins can be divided into the followi

ng groups:

  1. On the basis of heparin.The simplest of them - heparin ointment with varicose veins - the most cheap, and it can be found in virtually every pharmacy.Their action is reduced to the resorption of blood clots in the veins.
  2. On the basis of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).Examples of such ointments can serve diclofenac or indomethacin.They are used when the phenomenon of thrombosis, for the prevention of thrombus formation in blood vessels.
  3. Masi acting against lowering the tone of the vascular wall, used in the early stages of varicose veins changes.
  4. Hormonal drugs for topical application (eg, flutsinar).They are used for complications of varicose veins - venous ulcers and eczema.

other dosage forms for topical application of ointments

addition, active agents against varicose veins may include other dosage forms for topical application, such as a cream or gel (troksevazin).These formulations also have the right to exist, because they have a lower viscosity, quickly and deeply absorbed and leave virtually no trace on clothes, have a low systemic action.Therefore, if you are a busy person of working age, it is better to use a cream or gel against varicose veins.

tablet formulation

main feature a variety of tablets from varicose veins is to increase the tone of the venous wall, reduction of pain, cramps and elimination of leg edema.They also have anti-inflammatory action, stimulate lymph flow and reduce blood clotting, blood clots than warn.In addition, these drugs reduce the effects of venous blood congestion in the lower extremities.

detraleks By flebotonikam include the following drugs:

  • Diosmin.It increases venous tone, reduces the effects of venous stasis.
  • Detraleks.It increases venous tone.
  • Aescusan.The composition of this preparation includes thiamine and fruit extract of horse chestnut.Has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, reduces swelling of the lower extremities and increases the tone of veins.
  • Antistax.The composition contains an extract of red vine leaves.The drug stabilizes the vascular permeability, improves its elasticity, protects the endothelium of veins.
  • Gingor.It has an analgesic effect, reduces the permeability of capillaries and improves the stability of the wall damage.

Today there are plenty of drug stores of various means of varicose veins and you can always pick yourself a gel or cream, but what is the best ointment, you just tell the attending physician. why should not self-medicate, and at the first signs of the disease need to seek the advice of phlebologist.Also do not forget that the ointment against varicose veins can not eliminate the disease completely, and only are complementary means of treatment.

The same can be said of the tablets, which together with ointments and creams can only slow down or prevent the pathological process.

If we talk about the cardinal treatment varicose veins, there is only an effective surgical method - removing the damaged veins, sclerotherapy in the early stages (gluing the vein wall, with its lumen loss).Also recently in the treatment of varicose veins is increasingly used laser.