Varicose veins - a genetically caused chronic process, get rid of that today it is impossible.Modern medicine offers a comprehensive treatment, allowing to suspend the progression of the disease, reduce its symptoms and reduce the risk of dangerous complications.An important part of treatment is physical therapy for varicose veins.

What gives physiotherapy?

It is known that the vessels do not like static, so exercise is necessary.Thanks to a selected set of therapeutic exercises manage to stop varicose veins.Benefits of exercise therapy is as follows:

  1. Increases elasticity and tone of the vascular wall.
  2. Improves circulation.
  3. promotes normalization of metabolic processes in tissues.
  4. strengthens the muscles that act as the muscle pump.
  5. Relieves heavy legs.
  6. prevents formation of blood clots.
  7. strengthens different muscle groups and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.
Especially not do without exercise for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or busy at work, where it is necessary to
stand or sit for a long time.These include representatives of professions such as drivers, accountants, salesmen, hairdressers and others.

Basic principles of employment

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How to cure varicose veins at home?

to employment should be approached with the utmost responsibility and in no case do not choose the exercises yourself.When varicose veins has a number of limitations with regard to physical activity.Therefore, therapeutic exercises conducted under the supervision of a physician, and a set of exercises should be designed by experts.

During training doctors recommend follow these rules:

  1. Coaching is necessary to begin with a little warm-up.In this case, the Board before the first exercise two minutes to sit on his haunches.
  2. should be remembered that when varicose load should be moderate.We do not recommend too zealous and try to perform all the reps with the first lesson: it should be done gradually.
  3. During training is required to monitor the pulse.If its value is greater than 120 beats / min, need to do a five-minute break.
  4. After performing compound exercises is recommended to soak for about 10 minutes with raised legs and make a gentle massage of legs and hips, which improves blood circulation and relieve fatigue.Begin with strokes, moving from the ankles up, then rubbed in a circular motion and finish stroking again.After the procedure, you need to lie down for a few minutes.When thrombophlebitis and trophic ulcers massage can not be done.
  5. Classes can finish cold shower for the feet with alternating warm and cool water.
  6. addition, phlebologists recommended several times a day to perform simple exercises.This can be done during working hours and at home.This is especially important for people who have to stand for long periods.An example of this exercise: standing, gently tear the heel off the floor and sharply lowered to they hit the floor.Make 2 sets of 30 repetitions.
Exercise scissors
exercise "scissors" is included in a complex of medical gymnastics for varicose

Exercises for varicose

perform simple exercises and all familiar with varicose veins.They need to be done daily (can be twice a day), with physiotherapy only takes 15 minutes, but the result will be noticeable.Has developed more than a complex of different exercises:

  1. Lie on your back, raise your legs and perform the movements as if riding a bicycle.
  2. Lying on your stomach, bend your knees and hit on the buttocks heels.
  3. Lie on your stomach, arms along the body.Raise the leg up as much as possible and hold for two seconds.
  4. Lie on your back, hands put under his head, legs raised and their alternates to cross (the vertical "scissors").
  5. Lie on your back, legs extended.Bend one leg and pull the knee to the chest, then straighten the leg, so she took a vertical position and lower.Make the other leg.
  6. Lying on your back, lift straight legs upright, hands at your sides.Turn both feet first inside, then outside.
  7. Stand straight, hands down at your sides.Slowly rise on your toes, then go down.
  8. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet placed on the floor.Slowly lift the body to the knees, then return to starting position.
  9. Sit on a chair, legs pressed together.To put the foot on the heel, the socks on.
  10. Stand facing the wall, stretch in her hands.Alternately, get up on your toes and heels.
  11. Sit on a chair, his feet lifted off the floor.Move the foot up and down.
  12. walk in place without leaving socks on the floor for a minute.
  13. Stand straight, slowly lift your hands up, get up on your toes.Then give up and stand on your heels.
  14. Lie on your back, raise one leg and making a circular motion, then do the other leg.
  15. Lie on your back, lift the leg straight up, relax it and as sharply as possible to shake the foot, then lower.Do the same for the other leg.
  16. Stand beside the chair and lean his hands on his back.Legs wide apart, make crouch, getting up on his toes, keep your back straight.Stay in this position for about 3 seconds, then go down to the heel.

exercises to perform 10-15 times.Besides, you can roll with standing toe to heel and back, walking alternately on his toes and heels, as well as stepping, high lifting hips.