Monthly occur at all different: some women copious and painful, while others - more scarce and do not cause much inconvenience.Any extremes should alert, especially when it comes to the reproductive system.Heavy bleeding during menstruation is usually seen in the first two or three days, also allows a small amount of blood clots.In general, considered normal if at the time of menstruation is allocated no more than 150 ml of blood with the exfoliated endometrium, which has the form of mucus.


bleeding Causes heavy discharge during menstruation, there are many.It is important to be examined by a gynecologist, since heavy bleeding is often still a pathology.In any case, it can be dangerous, since significant blood loss leading to anemia.

There are several main causes of heavy bleeding:

  • hormonal imbalance.The inner surface of the uterus is lined with mucous membrane - the endometrium.Between periods, this layer grows under the influence of hormones to meet a fertilized egg.If a woman's estroge
    n level is much greater than the level of progesterone, the cell growth ceases and the mucous membrane thickens excessively, and its flaking occurs with significant bleeding.
  • hormonal imbalance before menopause.ovarian function during this period begins to fade, egg cease to be produced.As a result of the hormonal balance is disturbed, which leads to the copious blood that indicate an impending climax.The problem is solved by itself with the onset of menopause, but the weakening of the body the doctor prescribes hormonal treatment in order to equalize the level of female hormones.
  • Endometriosis.This disease is due to the fact that the pieces of the endometrium - the inner surface of the mucosa of the uterus - may come off and grow in the tissue surrounding the uterus.Gradually they grow under the influence of hormones and cause such disorders as uterine bleeding.Typically, prescribed medication in the form of tablets or injection.Gradually the bleeding diminishes, and endometriosis nodes decreased in size.
  • uterine fibroids.This hormone-dependent benign tumor occurs in women of reproductive age, usually after 35-40 years.Excessive allocation - one of the characteristic symptoms of fibroids.Apply medication constraining the growth of tumors and reduces bleeding, or can be assigned to agents that cause an artificial menopause.Because the hormone-dependent tumors, with the onset of menopause, when hormone production drastically decreases myoma gradually "shrink."Bleeding is often very strong and can cause anemia.In this case, surgical treatment.

addition, profuse discharge may be associated with bleeding disorders, taking drugs krovorazzhizhayuschih, climate change, shortage of calcium and some vitamins (A, C, K, P).

If excessive bleeding during menstruation accompanied by pain, disturbed for a long time, and while there is a large number of clusters, you need to go to the gynecologist and surveyed.In identifying the disease will be assigned to the appropriate treatment.

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Bleeding after menstruation

Bleeding may occur in the middle of the cycle.Scarce allocation for one or two days are considered to be the norm for this.But more often bleeding after menstruation - a pathology.

can call the following reasons:

  • cervical erosion;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • low thyroid function - hypothyroidism;
  • hormonal drugs (estrogen);
  • oral contraceptives;
  • intrauterine device;
  • gynecological procedures, cervical cauterization;
  • infectious diseases female genitalia.

How to reduce the intensity of bleeding if they are not a pathology?

Some women profuse discharge during menstruation is accompanied by a lifetime, with no deviations in health are observed.In this case we are talking about how to ease the condition, that is, to reduce menstrual bleeding and relieve pain.It is best not to engage in self-medicate and consult your gynecologist.

With heavy menstruation need to rest and not overexert

to stop bleeding during menstruation, which is not abnormal, you can use the following folk remedies:

  1. Nettles (two tablespoons.) To make a glass of boiling water and infuse for ten minutes.Drink of strained agent in two steps during the day before eating.
  2. dried grass shepherd's purse pour boiling water (in a glass of water - two or three table spoons of raw materials.), Let it brew, strain and take, as in the previous recipe.
  3. Heavy menstrual bleeding can be reduced by using the following tools.Corn stigmas pour boiling water (in a glass of water - 1 tablespoon), to give a little brew.Take 6 times a day at intervals of three hours on a tablespoon.
  4. peppermint and raspberry leaves to grind and mix in equal proportions.Brewed as a tea and drink during the day if desired.You should start three days before menstruation and eat all the days of menstruation.To enhance the action of herbal tea can be put in one or two tablespoons of fresh Viburnum pureed with sugar.
  5. During monthly and prior to the start as often as possible during the day with your fingertip to press the hollow between the nose and lower lip in two minutes.
Nettle - a good remedy for bleeding

Women with heavy bleeding should avoid hot shower, going to the bath, exercise, stress.

In conclusion

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be a variant of the norm.However, we must not forget that it can be different, and often a symptom still points to health problems.It is important to find out the reasons and take a course of treatment.