Treatment of patients to the otolaryngologist with complaints from the category of "ear started to bleed" - this is not uncommon, but at the same time and not quite a rare situation in the practice of medicine.

In each case, you need to thoroughly understand why there is blood from the ear, because the matter is no joke.

ear is bleeding - what is it?

task medic, an appointment with a patient who had come with the words "from the ear is bleeding, what is it?" Unmistakably establish a causal factor of this condition.

bleeding itself is nothing else than the loss of blood circulatory system.However, it can flow from the blood vessels as the outside and inside of the body as through a natural orifice (which applies in particular ear), or through damage of various sections (including ear).

is also worth noting that a healthy person can move without complications loss of 10-15% of the blood volume obscheorganizmennogo.A number of biological fluid donations collected donor usually is 8-10% of its tota

l volume.

As a rule, in the daily life of a person is faced with other types of bleeding, such as from the nose, it is not surprising that the flow of blood from the ear is for most people a very frightening moment.Especially the fear manifested in the case when there is blood from the ear of the child, becauseparents are usually afraid of their children more than themselves, and the blood of the children themselves can scare itself no matter from which place it appears.

However, the blood from the ear of an adult can bring a lot of anxiety and fear surrounding it, and the most affected.And this concern is well-founded, and that there are concerns - very well, because it is fear for their health makes a person go to the doctor.And the last is very important in the described condition.Then necessarily need to determine which caused the blood from the ear causes, because for this manifestation may well be hiding a serious, requiring the provision of skilled medical care illness.

reasons why there is blood from the ear of the child and the adult

describes the state is a fairly serious problem and no doubt requires medical attention.

small scratch, visible to the naked eye, accompanied by a minor hemorrhage, as a rule, does not apply to cases of ear bleeding.Such cases are treated with simple methods and usually do not cause fear.

But if it's not a scratch, and the blood coming from the ear canal or deeper structures, then there is not so simple as we would like.

Bleeding from the ear may result from a variety of reasons.The most common ones are given below.

Immediately it is worth noting that the causes of blood from the ear of the child are the same as in adults, so treat them separately makes no sense.

Why bleeding from the ear trauma from hitting

One situation due to which blood can flow from the ear - injury.And the injury is different.It may be damaged bones of the skull, resulting in a fall, blows inflicted on the head or a car accident.Or maybe just blow on the ear, etc., etc.

In the case of cranial trauma victim usually begins to experience a headache with vertigo, with or immediately at the time of the injury, or after a certain (usually small) time after it can start profuse bleeding.This condition is extremely dangerous and requires urgent medical assistance.

If there is blood from the ear from a blow on it, it is usually the amount of its allocation is insignificant and quickly stopped, but that is no reason not to consult a doctor.

Why is blood in the ear while cleaning and after it

Quite often you may notice blood in your ear when cleaning the ear canal.In fact, this is also an injury, but to talk about it stands alone, because people tend to clean the ears, if not every day, already, at least once a week.

Generally speaking, the organ of hearing in humans is self-cleaning.Doctors do not recommend to carry out its deep cleaning.The fact that sulfur, which is in the ear canal, provides good protection against the penetration of infection.If the ear cerumen formation, for their washout better to go to the reception specialist.

Nevertheless, many people are trying to independently extract the excess sulfur.Used for this cotton buds, but even they can be injured, so it is not surprising that people periodically detects blood in the ear after cleaning.

This happens, for example, if a person during the cleaning process be driven by the elbow.Despite the fact that in such cases rarely occurs damage to one of the main components of the auditory system - the eardrum, it makes sense to still go to Laura.

If cleaning ears held something sharp, then the risk of a puncture of the tympanic membrane increases significantly.In such cases, delay the visit to the doctor can not be

Why blood came out of the ear with otitis

blood from the ear with otitis occurs along with the reasons for its occurrence listed above are also quite common.

develops this condition usually in inflammation fungal or viral etiology.The method of treatment is determined depending on the causes of otitis.

If the disease is left untreated or do it wrong, it could well be complicated by suppuration.

I must say that if the otitis is accompanied by the fact that out of the ear bleeding, it is very terrible symptom.This manifestation may be indicative of deep-seated tissue lesions, and thus there is a significant risk of developing meningitis.So in this situation, an action plan should be one - to immediately seek the help of doctors.

Why is bleeding from the ear when the pressure

One of the reasons why bleeding from the ear, can be a pressure change.

Considering such a disease like hypertension, that is to say, first of all, about the nosebleeds on a background of pressure build-up, but with his sharp jump is quite possibly the appearance of blood from the ears.

Another reason that causes blood from the ear - the pressure to a depth, as if to say more precisely - the pressure drop.In this case, it may cause damage to such an important structure as the eardrum.This damage is usually expressed in the break, and is usually accompanied by a low-intensity of bleeding.However, consult a doctor worthwhile.

Neoplasms as the cause of bleeding from the ear

Causes of bleeding from the ear may be reduced to the appearance in it of various kinds of tumors.In particular, the blood can go in case of a polyp.The development of the latter is usually accompanied by a deterioration of hearing, and the addition of a headache.

In-the tumors can be either benign or malignant.As a result of its growth, they provoke bleeding from the ears.

must be remembered that determine the nature of the tumors by reason only of specialist doctors after necessary examination.

What to do in case of bleeding from the ear

Perhaps the first and perhaps the only question that arises when someone appears blood from the ear: what to do?

course, the surest step is to appeal to specialists.After all, the state becoming the cause of separation of blood and other fluids from the ear, for the most part require emergency treatment in a hospital.In addition, only a trained technician can tell exactly why the blood in the ear and how to make sure that she was not there.

However, before the ambulance arrives (if it was caused by it), or before you go to the doctor, it would be nice to have a person who has developed bleeding from the ear, first aid.

To do this, first of all, you need to seat the victim, and so that his head was lifted and tilted towards the damage.This is to ensure that the blood was able to flow freely.

completely occlude the ear canal directly is not recommended.On the ear should apply a sterile gauze bandage.Typically, this is used bandages.Above made bandage can apply ice or anything else cold.This will contribute to stop bleeding.

After the above-mentioned activities, not taking into account, stop the bleeding continues or is necessary at the first opportunity to see a doctor.

should be remembered that if the ear started to bleed because of some foreign objects in it, it is very important not to try to extract their own, becausethis will inevitably lead to increased bleeding.

If along with the blood from the ear there is an allocation of aqueous fluid or liquid having a yellowish or grayish hue, in this case required urgent medical intervention.