Sinusitis - an inflammation of the mucosa of the paranasal sinuses, which may occur in acute rhinitis, influenza, and other infectious diseases.Sometimes sinusitis symptoms after injuries of the facial area.Treating sinusitis folk medicine practiced widely and often has a positive effect.How to treat a sinus infection and how to prevent its occurrence, you will find on this page.

Alas, not all folk sayings are true.That's why one of them, and says that "with the treatment of rhinitis passes per week, and no treatment - seven days", untreated rhinitis can not pass, and end sinusitis.And all because almost any rhinitis affects the sinuses - sinuses.When inflammation causes swelling in them, leading not only to close them, but also to the accumulation of mucus in them, or even pus, one can speak of sinusitis occurs.

Types and symptoms of sinusitis

If, after the infamous seven days rhinitis you are a violation of nasal breathing, nasal congestion, do not remove, even with medical drops, marked green

ish or yellowish discharge from the nose (usually with bad smell), temperature (usually low - low-grade), but still suffer from headaches, worse when changing head position and pain on palpation in the area of ​​the front wall of the respective sinus, all this clearly shows the development of inflammation.Vyviv symptoms of sinusitis, treatment assigns an audiologist, but in parallel and can use traditional methods.

Basic types of sinusitis, two - sinusitis and sinusitis.

1. Sinusitis - inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.If it bothers patients constant pain radiating into the upper jaw.

2. fronts - inflammation of the frontal sinuses.Under him the pain is concentrated mostly in the forehead.In addition, when it sometimes marked pain caused by eye movements, and photophobia.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis

Any disease is easier to prevent its undesirable than a pound of cure.Do not let problems with the nose "to chance."From the outset, the common cold, it is desirable to do inhalation Nazol (oxymetazoline), or at least Sanorin.Before you treat sinusitis folk remedies it is advisable to consult with an ENT specialist (especially if a history you have already been noted frontal sinusitis or sinusitis).The fact is that the uncontrolled use of certain "proprietary" decongestants drops and sprays often only reinforces nasal congestion.

When national treatment of sinusitis can be instilled into the nasal cavity carrot or beet juice.Inhalation can be done with a decoction of chamomile, eucalyptus, mint, bay leaf and sage.

can lubricate the wings of the nose balm "asterisk" or even a mixture of vegetable oils.

can wash out the nasal cavity with a solution of salt (1 teaspoon of salt 0.5 liters of warm boiled water).

effective folk remedy for sinusitis - nasal wash with warm water and a small amount of iodine tincture or potassium permanganate.

Folk ways and methods of treatment of sinusitis

When sinus good rub the skin over the sore spot of garlic, and then for 20-30 minutes, rub it with a mixture of birch charcoal fresh juice of burdock root, making such procedures 2-3per day.

the morning and in the evening to put the patient on a pillow so that his head was thrown back.It dripped into each nostril 5 - 7 drops of ghee should then give it to lie up to an hour.

Suffice it may be effective in burying the nose 3 times a day for 3 drops of juice squeezed from a radish.

Another popular method of treating sinusitis - burying the nose and 3 drops 3 times a day, liquid Kombucha.

Not quite the usual way in the prevention of transition rhinitis sinusitis : laid in the ears, cotton swabs moistened with boric alcohol.

Pronounced sinusitis experts have often prescribe antibiotics.

But perhaps the most important - it is simply to avoid occurrence of rhinitis, sinusitis and even more.Therefore, since the spring is necessary to begin to harden at least with the help of outdoor activities, and with the beginning of autumn start to drink any pharmaceutical drugs that strengthen the immune system (the same immunal).Or, for example, use the tool made from lemons and honey: lemon pre-scroll in a meat grinder, and then mixed with an equal quantity of honey;the resulting composition is taken and 1 tablespoon morning and evening during the month.

winter good to take decoctions of camomile, calendula and sage.