Meniere's disease affects about five million people in the United States alone.In Russia, these statistical studies have not been conducted, but experts say that the number of people with similar inner ear disorders - not less.This disease can be accompanied by periodic attacks, sometimes so severe that a person can lose consciousness.To know about the symptoms and treatment of Meniere's disease is necessary at least in order to assist the patient.And, of course, to himself as much as possible to avoid this disease.

symptoms (signs) of Meniere's disease

head may not only whirled in a waltz (and even more so with success), but even for no apparent reason at all.A person can lose his footing, not just once in shaky quagmire swamp.Alas, some people suffering from Meniere's disease, sudden there is so severe loss of balance, they can not only walk, but also to sit.Common symptoms of the disease Menera: severe dizziness, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear and h

earing loss in one ear and noise in it.

Initially, these symptoms of Meniere's disease is very afraid of both the patients and the people around them also because the duration of such attacks is high - from 2 to 8 hours.Such states may be repeated at various intervals of 1 day at times up to 1 times of several years.

Some call this disease the disease 30-year-olds.Indeed, it often occurs in people who have reached the 30th anniversary, but it can appear up to 50 years of age.

Causes of Meniere's disease

Causes of Meniere's disease are complex and not fully understood.It is believed that the cause is a violation of the autonomic innervation of the blood vessels of the labyrinth in the inner ear due to inflammatory processes in it.Meniere's disease can cause any infections, brain diseases, and kidney disease, and even allergies, malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.

Repeated attacks are not life threatening, but often enough to lead to a subsequent hearing loss or even deafness.

It is known that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.And that is why everyone should know and remember that the occurrence of attacks of Meniere's disease may not only contribute to something that does not depend on us (for example, fluctuations of atmospheric pressure), but it is avoidable factors: alcohol, tobacco, odors food, overeating,overwork.

Treatment of Meniere's disease by traditional methods

Eesli person does not want to repeat the attacks of the disease, it should limit the use of water and salt.In the treatment of Meniere's disease by traditional methods is assigned to therapeutic exercises (which should end with the rotational movements of the head in one or the other side).And yet it is not recommended to work at height, in a noisy environment, transport, he should exclude long patrols.

In addition, ill medical purposes are recommended vitamin B contained in the black bread, pork liver, fish, fruits and vegetables, and vitamin PP (nicotinic acid).

With frequent attacks of Meniere's disease ENT specialists do so sick nasal intramucosal procaine blockade, as well as prescribe scopolamine, diazepam, diuretics and some other drugs.

Treatment of Meniere's disease folk remedies

Even before the start of active treatment in the ENT specialists, and in the first months of the disease are advised to take an infusion of medicinal herbs.In the treatment of Meniere's disease folk remedies, take equal quantities of sweet flag root and skullcap, Adonis herb, mint, motherwort, Viola tricolor and siksa, 2 tablespoons of collection pour 2 cups boiling water, insist in a thermos overnight.Take this infusion after straining a third cup 3-4 times a day.

duration of the national treatment of Meniere's disease

duration of the national treatment of Meniere's disease is a half or two, and then two weeks later you can repeat the course.And do not forget that in spite of the relevance of self-medication, you should consult with a specialist.