throat disorders include pathological processes in different parts of the larynx, tonsils, vocal cords.Laryngitis in adults - is an inflammation of the part of the larynx, which is located in the glottis and ligaments.It affects mucous membranes infraglottic plane, the epiglottis and surrounding tissues.In the acute period of laryngitis in adults with pharyngitis has similar symptoms, but the treatments can vary significantly.

We bring you the review material, in which he spoke about the laryngitis in adults: Symptoms and treatment of the disease, its causes, consequences.You'll learn what drugs and means can be used to treat throat.However, be careful.Alone is not recommended to treat this pathology, since there is a risk of erroneous actions and the transfer of the disease into a chronic form.

Probable cause laryngitis

There are different prerequisites for the emergence of acute inflammation in the human larynx.First of all, viral and bacterial infections that may occur against the background of a

cute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis, tracheitis, and other critical processes in the upper respiratory tract.

most likely causes of laryngitis acute form - is:
  • complications of influenza and adenovirus infection;
  • effects of rubella, measles and scarlet fever;
  • irritation with prolonged dry cough during bronchitis;
  • disseminated form of infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Treponema pallidum;
  • development of fungal microflora in the weakening the body's defenses;
  • prolonged or extreme load on the vocal cords;
  • spread of staphylococcal and streptococcal flora of cavities in the mouth.

There is a form of the disease, as a reactive laryngitis, its causes can be acute poisoning mercury vapor and heavy metals.In particular, this form of suffering persons employed in hazardous industries:. In the industry, the gas industry, filling stations, cement plants, etc. In the form of allergic causes of laryngitis are triggers that are shaping the development of edema in the mucosa of the larynx.These are the allergens that cause you a pathological reaction.These may include: pollen, house dust, animal dander, citrus fruit, strawberries, medical and many other substances.

Probable cause chronic laryngitis - this:

  • professional higher load on the larynx (affects mainly teachers, speakers, actors, singers);
  • long regular smoking, including passive;
  • addicted to alcoholic beverages, which provide protein folding of the mucous membrane and in the literal sense, dry throat, making it vulnerable to pathogenic organisms;
  • habit to eat hot and spicy food, drink;
  • lack of adequate treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease in which there is a regular cast of hydrochloric acid into the esophagus and throat.

For a full treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis is necessary to complete elimination of pathogenic factors and causes that lead to the development of pathology.

Prevention laryngitis

There is the possibility of excluding pathogenic factors and causes of inflammation in the larynx.Prevention of laryngitis include measures for the activation of the immune system, protect the mucosa from the negative impact and the possible elimination of foci of chronic infection.In particular, it is recommended for the prevention of laryngitis:

  • stop smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • observe the rules of the meal, to exclude hot and spicy dishes;
  • reduce the burden on the vocal cords;
  • visit the dentist at least 2 times a year;
  • promptly undergo treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity.

laryngitis Throat: pathological changes Pathological changes

throat laryngitis begin to weaken the protective function of the mucous membrane.It becomes thinner and loses its ability to produce proteolytic substances that destroy the membrane of bacteria and viruses.This creates favorable conditions for their implementation in the cellular structure of the mucous layer.In response, the body's inflammatory response occurs: expanding the small blood vessels, occurs influx of leukocytes and lymphocytes.Release histamine, which causes swelling.

throat laryngitis loses its ability to freely pass air and provide sufficient moisture as it passes into the bronchial tree.The vocal cords thicken due to edema, the glottis narrows.The voice becomes husky.In chronic laryngitis throat can undergo compensatory hypertrophic changes in which mucous layer thickens and begins to produce excessive amounts of fluid and mucous substances.It appears constant expectoration, which generates a steady cough reflex.

Symptoms of laryngitis in adults

laryngitis symptoms depend largely on the form of the disease.In the acute stage, symptoms of laryngitis in adults may include signs of acute respiratory disease:

  • sore throat, worse when swallowing, coughing and trying to talk;
  • fever with intoxication as a severe headache, muscle weakness, feeling of weakness;
  • dry cough in the form of attacks with the office scant sputum;
  • hoarseness;
  • runny nose and nasal congestion.

In chronic laryngitis symptoms are not as sharp, and often expressed in constant sensation of a lump in the throat, mucosal dryness, lowering the tone of voice.There is a constant dry cough with sputum difficult.Sometimes in exacerbations in the sputum may be present streaks bright red blood.

most favorable prognosis in terms of catarrhal form of laryngitis.Thus there is a classical picture of acute inflammation, which gradually cleared within 7 days.There comes a full recovery.In hypertrophic form of chronic laryngitis observed thickening of the mucus layer, which provides persistent symptoms of dryness and sore throat.Recover lost voice features is difficult and requires long-term systemic treatment.A certain danger is atrophic laryngitis in adults: the symptoms of this disease is quite difficult to distinguish from primary laryngeal leukoplakia, which is characteristic of the initial stage of the cancer process.Even more difficult in terms of diagnosis of diphtheria laryngitis, which can lead to death of the patient due to the air access full coverage in the respiratory tract due to the formation of dense crusts.

To clarify the diagnosis requires examination by an otolaryngologist.The specialist can be seen on the laryngeal mucosa congestion and edema, which is characteristic of a simple form of bluetongue disease, or various nodules hypertrophy.The presence of petechial hemorrhages may indicate atrophic form of pathology.

help in correct diagnosis can provide indicators of total blood analysis.With a slight increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and moderate leukocytosis established acute form of the disease.When an allergic etiology of acute and chronic laryngitis in an expanded analysis of blood will be allocated marked eosinophilia.

In the long form of atrophic laryngitis in adults need regular research of mucosal cells.It is carried out by means of histology to exclude oncological processes in the larynx.

Complications laryngitis

The most common complication is chronic bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis.Often, in the acute phase there is a risk of laryngeal edema and occurrence of false croup.In this state, the person starts to choke, skin pale, cyanosis of nasolabial triangle appears.If time is not qualified medical assistance will be provided, the patient may die within 30 - 60 minutes.

Other complications of laryngitis affect changes in voice, the spread of infection to other organs and systems, the development of cancer process, decreased immunity.

What to do and how to treat laryngitis in adults?

What laryngitis in adults, when standard treatment regimen prescribed by a doctor otolaryngologist, do not help to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease?Let us try to understand in detail the question of what to treat laryngitis in adults, which means you can run.

So, first you should carefully consider the possible causes of disease and to eliminate their influence as possible.Many patients helps simple voice rest for 5 - 7 days.Everyone, without exception, patients given sick leave for a period of 10 days.This is necessary so that you can rid yourself of the need to talk.Appointed by bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids.It helps regular rinsing and disinfecting various fountain solution.You can recommend gargling decoction of chamomile, oregano and St. John's wort.Gargle soda and the more saline is not recommended, as these substances can harm and even more so damaged mucosa.

Drink best warm milk with honey, cranberry juice or alkaline mineral water at room temperature with gases released in advance.Food should be warm and pureed.Do not use spices, seasonings and coarse fibers.

Do I need antibiotics for laryngitis?

try to understand to whether antibiotics are needed when laryngitis, and, if so, how to choose the appropriate medication.So, we have already talked about the fact that the causes of laryngitis may be quite different.Bacterial infections, for which, in fact, directed the action of antibiotics, make up only 18% of the total incidence of laryngitis.Almost 38% - this cases allergic reactions and viral infections.And about half of diagnosed cases associated with laryngeal mucosa reaction to the impact of environmental factors such as smoking, eating hot food, occupational hazards, air pollution and more.

So, antibiotics for laryngitis are required only if confirmed by the bacterial etiology of the inflammatory process.To do this, hold a throat swab.The resulting material was seeded in a petri dish.At the same time carry out the analysis on identifying the sensitivity to antibiotics.And according to the received opinion laboratory selected group and a drug for antibiotic therapy.

For all other forms of laryngitis take antibiotics not only useless, but also harmful to your health.In particular, when the form of allergic diseases, it leads to increased swelling and allergic disposition body increases.Receiving antimicrobials in this condition can lead to a massive edema of the larynx.

Treatment of laryngitis in adults

There are standards of treatment of laryngitis in adults, which includes the regulated activities, ensuring the fastest possible restoration of laryngeal mucosa.Treatment of laryngitis in adults include:

1. antiviral therapy with confirmed viral etiology;

2. antibacterial therapy for confirmed staphylococcal and streptococcal presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the mucous membrane of the larynx;

3. antihistamine therapy for allergic form.

This is the basic principles of specific treatment.These are added to topical preparations, which protect the mucosa, it moisturize and promote rapid tissue regeneration.This may be a "Lizobakt", "Gdeleiks", "Faringosept" and many other drugs for resorption.Mandatory reception "Ascorutinum" to strengthen the vascular wall.Symptomatic treatment of laryngitis in adults also includes receiving mucolytic and antitussive preparations: "Mukaltin" "Sinekod" "Ambrobene" "Bromhexine" "Codelac" and others.

compress, "Flomax" and other means of laryngitis

Many people think that compress laryngitis gives any effects of treatment.In fact it is nothing more than a myth.While some benefits of using a compress laryngitis there.This means the local irritant effects, which is distracting appointment.Roughly speaking, when you bake throat out, you forget about the fact that it hurts still inside.However, some patients are similar to self-hypnosis helps trick level.So you can use on health, but with caution.Do not use alcohol or solvents and the more mustard.Remember that in this area is very sensitive thyroid.

much greater danger is the "Flomax" laryngitis, which can lead to further development of the direct dependence on the drug components.In most cases, "Flomax" laryngitis can really give some relief.But it is necessary to understand that it is intended to influence the obstruction in the bronchial tree.The mucosa of the larynx it practically has no effect.Replace "Flomax" is possible inhalation of eucalyptus oil and taking an antihistamine, such as "suprastin" 1 tablet 2 times a day.The effect will be the same, and no adverse effects on the body.

excellent remedy for laryngitis - lubricate the throat Lugol solution.This feature helps to protect the mucous membrane of the throat from exposure to pathogens.At 3-4 days of illness can be replaced lubrication solution Lugol on sea buckthorn oil.This material promotes faster recovery of the mucosa.