angina child, who appeared poor appetite - it is always a cause for concern.This symptom may not appear out of nowhere, and then the kid something definitely worried.And most often it is just a sore throat.

Every mother and every dad want their newborn pipsqueak growing up healthy and strong.They are making this effort, but sometimes it happens that the baby is still sick.And often this disease is a common cold with sore throat, watery eyes and runny nose.

But how, then, can help and how to treat an infant's throat?There should definitely use this well-known and widely advertised the drug as Dr. Mom ointment for babies.That Dr. Mom is recognized by many pediatricians the medicine, from which should certainly begin treatment the infant.

During illness little kids start acting up badly.They are constantly crying, require that they were held only in the hands of bad sleep.And most importantly the child develops a poor appetite.During a sore throat kids can completely abandon the breast or a mixture, because
it brings swallowing painful and unpleasant sensations.And as the baby is no longer eat normally, it can be very slim.However, to allow this in any case can not and should definitely find a tool that would help eliminate the pain in the throat, which would give the child the opportunity to properly ingest milk or formula.

And the remedy is.It is called the oil hlorofillipta solution.The drug is sold in every pharmacy without a prescription, and its price is considerably lower than that of drugs of this type of foreign manufacture.Apply it is possible in children from an early age.The only contraindication to the use - it is hypersensitivity to the drug.Identify it can be very simple.To do this is to pour a tablespoon of boiled warm water, drop to a couple of drops of the drug and to give the baby to drink.If after 6 - 10 hours of any manifestations of allergic reaction is not, then the drug can be safely used.

Another great remedy for a sore throat - a decoction of chamomile.Chamomile helps with sore throats that kills the pathogen, but mostly it is a pathogen Staphylococcus aureus.To prepare a decoction correctly, you need a teaspoon of chamomile flowers to brew cup boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes.The resulting strain broth and give the kid on the teaspoon after each meal.

special relationship requires parents to their child - allergies.Before giving him a particular drug from a sore throat you should definitely consult a doctor.

With proper and timely begun treatment the disease will retreat for a few days, and the baby is a few days again will gladly gulit and with great care to consider home moms and dads face.